Book 3: Finale - The End of Magic (Part 2)

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Book 3: Finale - The End of Magic (Part 2)

Dove | Friday, June 28, 2024

Hey there heroes!

This week... The Book 3 finale has finally arrived!

As your allies attempt to weave a spell to contain the Mana Core, you and your dragon must face one final foe: A massive creation, a manifestation of the will of the heart of Lore.

If you can succeed, maybe, just maybe, you'll be able to buy enough time to save the world.

Head over to Outpost Yeden to play Book 3's finale: The End of Magic (Part 2).

(Note: The Hard mode of the battle does not give anything extra)

Now for some words and things.

First of all, thank you, everyone, for playing DragonFable. Book 3 has been through many ups and downs, but we wouldn't have been able to navigate them without your support. It's truly thanks to all of you that we've been able to come this far.

And with that said, this isn't the end of DragonFable— your adventures will continue on!

Going forward, we will have an Epilogue for Book 3 in July, and in August, we'll take a bit of a lighter month and give ourselves some room to breathe after going so hard on the final quests for so long.

While we don't have everything set in stone yet, we are planning to have a small war in the month of August.

We're still working on where Book 4 will go, and we definitely want things to be planned out more smoothly than Book 3 was. Expect a slow start, maybe some loose ends from Book 3, before we fully dive in.

We also have a few open side stories to finish up, as well as Book 2 Reimagined! Once we're back into the swing of things (and not making insanely massive quests), you can expect those projects to be picked up once more.

We've learned a lot throughout our time in Book 3, and we hope that, with your support, we can turn what we've learned and gained into the next great chapter in DragonFable's story!

Once again, whether old or new, thank you for playing DragonFable. We hope you'll look forward to your next adventures in the world of Lore (and maybe beyond!)

Also this week, to celebrate Book 3's finale, we have two new cosmetic item Dragon Coin packages available!

The Alteon's Regalia and Valen's Remnants cosmetic item sets can now be purchased with 2000 Dragon Coin bundles for $9.95 each. These sets each include a cosmetic weapon and cosmetic helm that can be clicked to change appearance, as well as a cosmetic cape!

And as a reminder, we currently have a 50% bonus on select Dragon Coin packages (including Alteon's Regalia and Valen's Remnants)!

Also this week, the DragonRider class has received some small changes and fixes.

  • DragonRider now has updated tooltips.
  • DragonRider's Dragon Eye skill now applies -All and +Health instead of -Element res.
  • DragonRider's Siphon skill now applies 90 Block/Parry/Dodge, up from only 80 Block.
  • DragonRider's Dragon Strike skill now applies 70 Crit, up from 35.
  • DragonRider's Rend skill's effect has been renamed Dragon Rend, instead of Bleed.
  • DragonRider's Sunder Armor skill has been renamed to Sunder Arms, and the effect has been renamed Sunder Arms, instead of Bite.
  • DragonRider's base damage range has been tightend, from 600-900 to 700-800.
  • Anything else I may have forgotten!

And that's all for this week! After so many years, it feels a little bit strange to be on the edge of closing Book 3. But thanks to your support, there's more DragonFable to come, and so much more to explore in the future!

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