Book 3 Reimagined: Doomwood Path!

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Book 3 Reimagined: Doomwood Path!

Dove | Friday, May 10, 2024

Hey there, heroes!

This week, Book 3 Doomwood is now open to explore!

Nestled between various important locales across Greenguard, The Rose has made great strides in taming the once dangerous Doomwood. Journeying through it is now kept mostly safe and patrolled by Rose soldiers.

But stray too far off, and you may discover the Doomwood isn't as subdued as some may believe...

Book 3 Doomwood awaits!

We had a lighter release this week due to a combination of me (Verlyrus) both not feeling well, and also working on writing and planning the Book 3 finale.

Next week is also due to be a bit lighter as Dove begins work on the penultimate quest of Book 3 (and I finish writing it).

Hopefully we'll be able to figure something awesome out for the release, though! Huge thanks to Dracelix and Dove for heading the release this week.

Also this week, new cosmetic items are available!

The Sunlit Oath helm and the Runic Luminary cape, once worn by a lost paladin can now find their way to you... For 300 Dragon Coins each!

Check out the Cosmetics shop to purchase them!

And that's all for this week!

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