Book 3: Reimagined: One Step Forward

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Book 3: Reimagined: One Step Forward

Dove | Friday, June 4, 2021

Hey there, heroes!

With this month's reimagined release, we're starting to enter the "major rewrite" phase of Book 3's main story!

This arc, from "After the War" to "Unbound", is going to be completely rewritten and reworked, beginning with "One Step Forward"!

It's been a little bit since the Siege of Haven, and Kara SuLema has requested your presence in the Sulen'Eska war room.

It seems the Vind has been doing well, gaining members, growing in reputation... but your meeting is cut short by a rather intimidating fairy!

Rewards have also haad their levels updated.

Head over to Sulen'Eska and speak to Kara to play the new quest: "One Step Forward"!

Also this week, armor customization has received an update!

Ninja has two new options, Elite and Elite 2. Color custom Ninja will be folded into base Ninja at a later date.

DragonLord's Vilmor customization is now color custom! Also, a few other DragonLord customizations have been updated and tweaked to look better than before.

Going forward, Sulen'Eska and Book 3's main story will be receiving some major changes. The Espina Rosa storyline will be adjusted and moved to the shears, while the DragonRider War and Saellah will be removed.

This will instead be replaced with a new arc that will lead the hero to Swordhaven in a less... roundabout way.

Quest rewards will remain in game, transposed to the new quests (and in some cases renamed).

Unfortunately, this does mean the next 7 or so reimagined story releases will be a bit larger in scale. While we want to finish reimagining book 3 as much as (and maybe more so than you!), we still have a long way to go.

Thank you for your patience and support, and we hope you enjoy what's to come!

Also this week, bug fixes!

  • Fixed an issue where using an on attack special when facing left would cause the weapon to appear upside down.
  • Fixed an issue where loading equipment would put your pet on cooldown.
  • Fixed an issue with DeathKnight where swapping pets would remove Relic Barrier.
  • Fixed an issue in "Hunt for Atgno" where the Guilt-Ridden Fiance enemy would not be clickable in battle.
  • Fixed issues where enemy encounters in the quest "Surewould" would occasionally not match the overworld enemy.
  • Fixed an issue where the Kid Dragon npc in Book 3 Falconreach had the wrong color on some horns/spikes when talking to Twilly.
  • Fixed an issue where Technomancer was not recalibrating after drinking potions.
  • Fixed an issue in Desolation ruins where guests and pets were on the wrong layers.
  • Fixed a lot of issues with Corrupted Davey.
  • Fixed an issue where leaving the Armor Paint room could sometimes result in unintended color combinations.
  • Fixed an issue where changing your dragon's colors in the Armor Paint room would not properly update your armor's colors that used dragon colors.
  • The Rose Agent and Bound Dragon fight has had its damage and healing numbers reduced.

And that's all for this week!

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