Book 3: Reimagined - Queen of Swordhaven & Ninja Rework!

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Book 3: Reimagined - Queen of Swordhaven & Ninja Rework!

Dove | Friday, April 21, 2023

Hey there, heroes!

This week, while Dove is still indisposed and recovering, we're doing an early Reimagined release!

The Book 3 main story quest "Queen of Swordhaven" has had dialogue adjusted and rewritten. These were relatively minor changes, but still important!

Also this week, however, Ninja has received its major update and rework! More information can be found below.

Ninja and Pirate also have new customization options, and Technomancer has received a new customization option as well.

Ninja now has access to the Classic customization when unlocked, and the Tempest customization can be unlocked with the Dusk Tempest Catalyst. Technomancer can also use the Dusk Tempest Catalyst!

Pirate now has access to the Dread Pirate customization when both Pirate and Ninja have been unlocked, and the Sunken customization can be unlocked with the Sunken Fathoms Catalyst.

As a result of these changes, Dread Pirate and Old Ninja are no longer accessible. If you want to use those looks, you will have to use the Armor Customization room to change the appearance of your Pirate or Ninja class.

This week's Reimagined quest "Queen of Swordhaven" can be found in Sulen'Eska, and the new Customization Catalysts can be obtained from the Book of Lore's Customization Catalyst shop!

Ninja rework details:

As usual, skill effects and numbers and mechanics are subject to change! Also, please note that Color-Custom Ninja has not been updated and will be folded in to Ninja as a Customization option at a later date.

Ninja Mechanics - Ambush and Catalytic Flow

  • Ambush:
    • On the first turn of battle, Ninja gets a free double turn!
    • Certain skills will let you follow up with a free turn when used first.
    • You cannot chain Ambushes. So if you use a skill that would give you Ambush on the second turn of a double turn, it will be wasted.
  • Catalytic Flow
    • Using the skill Catalytic Flow will change some skills to Burst Venoms and reset their cooldowns.
    • Some other skills may be changed in Catalytic Flow as well!


  • Attack
    • 1 hit for 125% base damage.
    • Recovers 15 MP.
  • Blur
    • 1 hit for 130% base damage, 8 CD
    • Applies Blurred Form to self, +120 Defenses for 4 turns.
    • Applies Blurred Vision to target, -40 Bonus for 4 turns.
  • Spider, Scorpion, Viper Venoms
    • Venoms progress after use, going on 7 turn CD after Viper.
    • Spider Venom
      • 1 hit for 50% base damage. Applies Spider Venom, 20% DoT and -40 Bonus for 9 turns.
    • Scorpion Venom
      • 1 hit for 50% base damage. Applies Scorpion Venom, 30% DoT and -20 Boost for 8 turns.
    • Viper Venom
      • 1 hit for 50% base damage. Applies Viper Venom, 50% DoT and -100 Crit for 7 turns.
    • Burst: Wyvern Venom
      • 4 hits for 100% damage, 50% DoT and -30 All res for 3 turns.
      • 7 CD
  • Furious Assault
    • 3 hits for 150% base damage, 14 CD
    • Applies Unsteady, a stun, for 3 turns.
    • Burst: Basilisk Venom
      • 3 hits for 150% damage, 50% DoT and +40 Health res for 3 turns.
  • Shuriken Spray
    • 1 hit for 130% base damage, +20% base damage for every Venom on your initial target. 0 CD
    • Hits all foes.
  • Catalytic Flow
    • 2 hits for 175% base damage. Applies Catalytic Flow to self for 5 turns. CD 15
    • Catalytic Flow's buffs change based on the number of non-Burst Venoms on your target.
    • 1 Venom: +25 Boost
    • 2 Venoms: +25 Boost, +100 Bonus
    • 3 Venoms: +25 Boost, +100 Bonus, +200 Crit AND Ambush
    • Catalytic Flow also switches certain skills to their Burst versions
  • Vanish
    • 8 CD
    • Applies Vanish, +100 Avd to self for 1 turn.
    • Ambush
    • Unlocks Shadow Strike.
  • Shadow Strike
    • 10 hits for 300% base damage, +20% base damage for every Venom on your target. 11 CD
  • Shadow Fade
    • 9 CD
    • Applies Shadow Fade, +180 Avd to self for 2 turns.
  • Blood of the Lotus
    • 1 hit for 150% base damage. 20 CD
    • If it hits, it will reapply all Venoms on your target, and increase their remaining durations by 4 turns.
  • Walk Within Shadows
    • 15 CD
    • Removes all DoT effects from self.
    • Heal self MP for 10% max MP
    • Heal self HP for 8% max HP + 2% max HP for every Venom on the target.
  • Rapid Strike
    • 2 hits for 140% base damage, +20% base damage for every Venom on the target. 1 CD
    • Burst: Rapid Frenzy
      • 8 hits for 240% base damage, +20% base damage for every Venom on the target. 2 CD
  • Massive Strike
    • 1 hit for 200% base damage, +20% base damage for every Venom on the target. 9 CD
    • Has innate +200 Crit.
  • Shadow Seal
    • 6 hits for 120% damage. 12 CD
    • Applies Shadow Seal, which drains Level/2 STR, DEX, INT, and LUK from your target for 4 turns.
    • Applies Shadow Drain to self for the amount of stats drained.
    • Burst: Seal Venom
      • 6 hits for 120% damage, 50% DoT and -60 Avd/Defenses for 3 turns. 12 CD
  • Shadow Seeker
    • 2 hits for 100% base damage, +100% base damage per Burst Venom applied to target, and +30% base damage for every Venom applied (including Burst Venoms). 30 CD
    • Ambush

Ninja is a rather defensive damage-over-time focused class that still has the power to debilitate and power through foes if needed! Use your tools and Venoms wisely, and create combos for huge damage if you can find the openings! Check out the new Ninja rework in-game now! We look forward to reading your feedback and thoughts.

Finally, the DragonLord Castle house should tentatively now properly display all dragon heads/wings/tails. If it does not, I will have to investigate it further at a later date. Apologies for the inconvenience!

And that's all for this week! We'll do our best to do our main story release next week, but everything hinges on how Dove is feeling and recovering. Thank you all for your well-wishes and understanding!

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