Book 3: Reimagined: Welcome to Swordhaven

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Book 3: Reimagined: Welcome to Swordhaven

Dove | Friday, August 26, 2022

Hey there, heroes!

This week, we're welcoming you to Swordhaven for the first time... again!

New cutscenes have been added for your first visit to Swordhaven, along with some directions of where to explore once you've arrived! While there is currently no way to replay these cutscenes after experiencing them for the first time, that functionality will be added later.

Head over to Book 3 Swordhaven to experience your welcome to the capitol of Greenguard and The Rose!

Also this week, Reforged ShadowWalker of Time has arrived! As always, it can be purchased from the Time armors shop in Cysero's Superstore of Savings! Previous owners ofthe ShadowWalker of Time will get it for free, as well.

New cosmetic Reforged SWoT cosmetics are also available for purchase with Dragon Coins!

Finally, we have a number of bugfixes and adjustments this week!

  • Epoch:
    • Ultra Aim Boost has been reduced to 100 Bonus, down from 200.
    • Aim Overload (Underworld Epoch) has been reduced to 150 Bonus, down from 300.
  • Archivist
    • Ash's Glory's Bonus has been reduced to 80, down from 200.
  • ShadowWalker of Time
    • Shadows are no longer counted with buffs. You can see your number of shadows using the widget above the Attack button.
    • Decay now applies a 60% DoT for 1 turn.
    • Shade Spike's animation and damage instances have been adjusted to line up better.
    • Fixed the description of Umbral Form (Avoidance, rather than Defenses)
    • Phantom Hit's +Health effect now has a proper effect name.
  • Fixed an issue where continuing Book 3's main story after the Tournament of Champions still required completion of the Espina Rosa arc.
  • Fixed an issue where the Symbiotic Darkness Elemental had a diagnostic pop up on its Fungal Spear attack.
  • Manahunters in the Rose Tree quest are now selectable in multi battles.
  • Fixed an issue where leaving the War at See would not properly return the player to Falconreach South.
  • Patroclus no longer considers Underworld Epoch's "Underworld's Call" as a buff.
  • Other things I may have forgotten.

And that's all for this week!

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