Book 3: The Awakened Depths: Into the Abyss

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Book 3: The Awakened Depths: Into the Abyss

Dove | Saturday, July 16, 2022

Hey there, heroes!

This week, we return to Book 3's main story! With Dragesvard lifted from Tyndur's Depths on the back of a massive fungal Tytan, you and your companions are stuck inside, seeking blindly in the darkness for some way to stop it from reaching Greenguard.

Meanwhile, Swordhaven, still recovering from the destruction wrought by the Proclamation rift, is about to be the site of yet more... historic events.

Head over to Book 3 Dragesvard in Tyndur's Depths to continue on Into the Abyss!

Also this week, we have a bunch of bug fixes, changes, and adjustments!

  • Shops opened from the Book of Lore now return you to the Book of Lore Shops page.
    • Returning to specific tabs will be added in the future.
  • The Silkworm enemy in "Song of the Worms" are now properly labeled "Bugs".
  • Attempted to stop the Marsh Ants from sticking in "Song of the Worms".
  • Tentatively fixed an issue where Uthuluc and Sciuridaehotep could occasionally stick in battle.
  • Guests are now properly removed at the start of the quest "Fight and Flight".
  • The "Scratchy Rope Choker" has been renamed to "Street Tog's Discarded Collar" and has had its description changed.
  • A bunch of behind the scenes adjustments to the game engine - Please inform me on Twitter or Discord if you encounter any new errors!

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