Book 3: The Awakened Depths: Reasons to Fight

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Book 3: The Awakened Depths: Reasons to Fight

Dove | Saturday, November 13, 2021

Hey there, heroes!

This week, the Book 3 main story continues! With The Great One's words echoing in the heads of the Greenguard Alliance, you make your way back to Dragonsgrasp to rally the DragonLords.

Meanwhile, Jaania's experiments continue, while the Rose airship floats over Swordhaven...

Head over to Book 3 Dragonsgrasp in The Awakened Depths section of The Greenguard Alliance to play this week's release: Reasons to Fight!

A new DragonLord customization is now available! The Unhallowed DragonLord customization is unlocked by unlocking all of Mogloween Chapter 16's Trick-or-Treat neighborhoods.

Also, we have a few bugfixes!

  • Fixed a bug where the Autumn's Cull scythe would not properly change elements.
  • Fixed some issues where various cultist enemies/cursed skeleton in the Calamity saga could stick on their turns.
  • Fixed an issue where entering certain houses using keyboard controls could lead to loading errors.
  • Went through and standardized all Energizer enemies. Should all now be selectable, no longer freeze when attacking, no longer cause issues when defeated by an aoe attack, and have proper select arrow and damage number positioning.
  • Manahunter enemies in the quest "Smoke in the Trees" should now be selectable using the mouse.
  • Fixed an issue where using keyboard controls to enter certain houses could cause load errors.
  • Fixed a bug where using keybinds after a battle could cause incorrect movement speeds.
  • Tentatively fixed an issue where certain characters who had completed "The War Room" but not "Mission Possible", were unable to unlock The Shears after completing "Trust". (Affected players will need to re-play Trust one more time.)
  • Fixed a bug where returning from quests in the Awakened Depths chapter of Book 3 would play the incorrect music.

And that's all for this week! 

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