Book 3: The Awakened Depths: The Great One

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Book 3: The Awakened Depths: The Great One

Dove | Friday, October 8, 2021

Hey there, heroes!

Last time, in The Awakened Depths, you and your allies, led by Galanoth, made your way deep beneath the mountain in search of The Great One. But do you have what it takes to survive the Gauntlet?

What awaits beyond? Will you be able to convince The Great One to aid in the reclamation of Dragesvard? It's time to delve into The Gauntlet with your dragon and face The Great One!

Head over your alliance camp in Book 3 Dragonsgrasp to play this week's release: The Great One.

Also this week: Introducing the Alpha test of the Game Log!

The Game Log is a new addition that will show information on what happens in-game and in battles, including damage/healing, buffs and debuffs, in-game notifications and more.

You can turn on the Game Log Alpha in the Options screen.

As this is an Alpha version, all visuals and log data are very subject to change.

The ; (semicolon) key can be used to hide or show the log at will (There is also a small button you can click to do so!)

The ' (apostrophe) key can be used to toggle the log between system logs and battle logs.

To scroll through previous log messages, you can put your mouse cursor over the log window and scroll using the mouse wheel.

Logs are currently not saved anywhere.

Let us know what you think! Your feedback will help a lot in shaping this awesome new feature.

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