Book 3: The Royal Resistance: Of Duty and Dragons

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Book 3: The Royal Resistance: Of Duty and Dragons

Dove | Sunday, June 20, 2021

Hey there, heroes!

This week, we return to the Book 3 main story once again! The Royal Resistance finale is here. With the fate of the Magesterium unknown, elemental energy continues to seep into Lore from the remaining Proclamation rifts.

The Greenguard Alliance must gather their strength for the challenges ahead. And at their head is you, the hero!

As the Royal Resistance closes, the Greenguard Alliance sets its sights on the next target. The next arc, The Awakened Depths, begins with the end of this week's quest!

Head over to Queen Victoria in Book 3 Swordhaven to play this week's release: Of Duty and Dragons.

There's been a large adjustment to the way resistances work.

  • Elemental and All resistance combined is now effectively capped at 80 (Down from combined 95).
  • This does not include resistance from skills, which is still capped at 99.
  • A large number of challenges have been adjusted as a result of this change. Massive thanks to our new testers for their efforts in cataloguing the affected challenges!
    • The following challenge enemies have had their damage reduced by varying amounts.
    • The Abomination
    • Argus Skywatcher
    • Sinnocence
    • Vaal
    • Xan
    • Frallmar
    • Envy
    • Greed
    • Gluttony
    • Lust
    • Desirelings
    • Wrath
    • Sloth
    • Pride
    • Reaver
    • Ayauhnqui
    • Ricterild
    • Illumina
    • Vilmor
    • Cyrozen
    • Frostscythe
    • Glaisaurus
    • Super Mega Ultra Darkness Dracolich
    • Draco
    • Yllmar
  • DeathKnight's Relic Barrier now converts Light and Darkness resistance to All resistance.
    • Effectively, this reduces your Light and Darkness resistance by the same amount as Relic barrier's All resistance.
  • Some inconsistencies in the way resistance debuffs were calculated have been fixed as well.
    • Your total All + Elemental resistance is always treated as 80 if it is stacked over 80.
    • For example, if your total adds up to 100, and you get a -10 All debuff, your effective resistance will be 70 (80 effective, minus 10).
  • The goal of this adjustment and the massive number of challenge changes is to make resistance gearing a bit more open, while also making certain challenges less about having the perfect amount of resistance.

The Book 3 Timeline has also been updated!

  • Fixed some inconsistency and issues with the Book 3 Main Story tracker.
  • Removed the Tomix Saga tracker.
  • Added extra space for the future at the "end" of the timeline.
  • Updated the timeline with the Reimagined changes.
  • The Nest Epilogue has been added to the timeline.
  • Fixed some issues with dragging/scrolling/loading the timeline.

Also a couple of bug fixes!

  • Pirate and Dread Pirate's Plunder skill should now properly give an additional MP potion if HP potions are full and HP% > MP%
  • Fixed a bug (sorry) where Dread Pirate's Quick Thinking did twice as much damage as intended.
  • Fixed a bug where Adventure Mode was not properly suppressed against multiple opponents.

And that's all for this week! In the meantime, Dracelix has been very hard at work for something super special... We wanted to get it done for DragonFable's anniversary month, but we also want to make sure it's as awesome as possible. And we also don't want Dracelix collapsing from exhaustion. So please look forward to what we have coming soon to DragonFable!

And that's all for this week! We have lots planned for the rest of this month, and we hope you'll join us in looking forward to everything to come!

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