Celtic Hunter Gear

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Celtic Hunter Gear

Nightwraith | Friday, February 5, 2021

Be among the first to possess the awesome Celtic Hunter Gear! This set of 8 new weapons, 3 new skill cores, and one ultra-rare achievement are now available!


Celtic Hunter Gear

These gorgeous weapons designed by ED and AQ3D artist Charfade are among the most impressive in-game. Get the complete collection with the new promotional package available now!

  • Blazing Celtic Hunter
  • Mystic Celtic Hunter
  • Blazing Celtic Destroyer
  • Mystic Celtic Destroyer
  • Blazing Celtic Pistol
  • Mystic Celtic Pistol
  • Blazing Celtic War Bow
  • Mystic Celtic War Bow

New Skill Cores:

  • Hunter's Mark (Primary): Reduce block chance 50%; Reduce Def/Res 25% 
  • Skull Cracker (Sidearm): Use your gun as a melee weapon to deal 125% damage. 
  • Trueshot (Auxiliary): Deal 105% Auxiliary damage, increasing by 5% per round, (140% max).



  • Dage's Friday The 13th: Purchase this seasonal achievement from the shop while it lasts!
  • Celtic Hunter: This achievement is only available with purchase of the Celtic Hunter Gear promotional pack.

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