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Charfade's Cache

Nightwraith | Friday, July 19, 2019

This week we continue celebrating Charfade with new weapons, styles, and balance updates!



This update many cores have been buffed to increase their usefulness and viability for a number of builds


  • Hawk Guardian: 130% instead of 125%
  • Yeti Fury: 110% instead of 105%
  • Legion/Exile strike: Additional +50 instead of 20
  • Chomp (Omega Yeti and Gold Yeti) : 100% damage
  • Deep Plague: 0 cost
  • Molten Bullet: 0 cost
  • Monkakazi Special: Raised minimum bonus to +10, max bonus to 100
  • Curse: Reduce support by 50%; no warmup
  • Curse Aura: Reduce support by 50%; 25% chance to trigger
  • Frost Aura: 25% chance to trigger instead of 15%
  • Tremor Blast: 30% reduction instead of 20%
  • Feast of Flesh: Sacrifice 110 health instead of 125; +35% highest stat; 4 turn duration 


  • Cyper Hunter:
    • Static Charge: Blockable
  • Tactical Mercenary
    • Atom Smasher : increase cost by 30.


Charfade Gear

Find several new weapons and a super-shiny new bike at Charfade in the Barrens!

  • Charfade's Battlegear P
  • Charfade's Battlegear E
  • Charfade's Battle Blade P
  • Charfade's Battle Blade E
  • Charfade's Battle Blaster P
  • Charfade's Battle Blaster E
  • Charfade's Battle Rifle P
  • Charfade's Battle Rifle E
  • Gold Charfade's Cruiser

We've also posted a fix for Charfade's Blaster P and E. The P and E should now have the proper name and damage. Charfade's Blaster P's color was modified to more clearly reflect the fact that it's an energy weapon.


Legendary Gear

For the most Epic of the Legendary duelists, we've stocked the Epic Legendary Arsenal with a platinum set to complement the Platinum Cyber Spartan Armor!

  • Platinum Spartan Sword P
  • Platinum Spartan Sword E
  • Platinum Spartan Blades P
  • Platinum Spartan Blades E
  • Platinum Spartan Mace P
  • Platinum Spartan Mace E
  • Platinum Spartan Staff P
  • Platinum Spartan Staff E


Charfade Styles

Check out the style changer for a CC and non-CC Charfade helmet!


Next Week!

Join us next week for Bido's Birthday Shop and a nightmarish surprise from Charfade!

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