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Classy Achievements

Nightwraith | Friday, June 28, 2024

New Class Win Tracker Achievements

New achievements have been added to track wins for each class in each PvP battle mode (1v1, 2v2, and Juggernaut). These achievements are not retroactive so everyone will start at 0 for all Classes and battle modes. They will start tracking as soon as you win any PvP battle mode with any class.


Balance Changes

  • Skills:
    • Multi-shot: +1 damage per 0.3 --> 0.34 dex; 85% --> 90% damage against multiple targets
    • Reflex Boost: Scales with dex --> supp
    • Massacre: Removed 50% lifesteal; 30% --> 15% defense ignore
    • Maul: 75 --> 100 base energy cost; 20% --> 15% stun chance
    • Artillery Strike: Requires dex --> tech
    • Barbed Grenade: Add 15% stun chance
    • Assimilation: +15 to all base values; +1 energy per 1.25 --> 1 str
  • Cores:
    • Necrosis: 100% --> 85% damage
    • Botanical Wrath: 85 --> 100 energy cost
    • Salvage: 0 --> 90 energy cost
    • Thorn Assault, Meteor Shower, Plasma Meteor, Shattering Star, Jack-O-Fire: 90 --> 100 energy cost
    • Icy Overkill (Aux): 1-turn warmup
    • Revitalization: 1000 --> 1300 heal; 0 --> 100 energy cost
    • Medusa's Gaze: 70% --> 85% damage
    • Piston Punch: 85% --> 100% damage
    • Captain's Charge: Update description to include lifesteal effect
    • Ninja Reflexes: 20% --> 13% additional block chance
    • Deflection Shield, Ballistic Shield: 20% --> 13% additional deflection chance
  • Robots:
    • Gamma Bot and Variants: 111% --> 109% damage
    • Shadowlord's Severance P/E: 40% --> 35% defense ignore
    • Infernal Overload P/E: 100% --> 95% initial damage; 135% --> 130% max damage
    • Dino Fire P/E and Variants: Removed warmup
    • Necrotek Assault P/E: 15% --> 20% defense ignore
    • Yeti Claw (includes Baby/Omega Yeti Variants): 100% --> 105% damage
  • Other:
    • Brace: Remove additional block/deflection chance


BuyBack Boost

New items will be added for people who have the following promotional items:

  • Infernal Interdictor E
  • Bionic Battlegear E

Owners of these items will receive the corresponding P (physical damage) variants. If you already sold your original promotional weapon, you can find the new items in the BuyBack shop.


Botters' Bane

Every only game suffers from bots, hackers, cheaters, and jerks of all degrees, but that doesn't mean we can just rest on our hands while exploits are used. Most players play the game legitimately, but some are clearly using sophisticated bots to take advantage of blind spots in our bot flagging system, particularly in Juggernaut mode. I've never understood why someone would put so much effort into *not* playing a game, but clearly, as revealed by the popularity of generative AI, there's a market for pathetic people who want to reap rewards in exchange for minimal effort. With this update, we've modified the bot flag parameters to throttle rewards for those who accumulate more wins than would be possible for a human player. Some players are hardcore and can play for hours, but no human can play 24/7 without rest.

The ultimate reward for botters is an empty game with all human players driven out with numbers going up perpetually to the acclaim of nobody. Maybe that's what they want? Maybe I'm too old-fashioned, but that doesn't seem fun to me.

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