Commander of the Stars Preview

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Commander of the Stars Preview

Nightwraith | Friday, April 8, 2022

New PvP Drops!

If you've been doing PvP battles since last weekend, you've likely acquired some new April Fools themed weapons. Going off that theme, we've released fourteen new CC sword variants to the PvP drop pool! Can you collect them all before they leave?

  • Hyperion Greatsword P CC
  • Hyperion Greatsword E CC
  • Shrouded Hyperion P CC
  • Shrouded Hyperion E CC
  • Fw0rsht B4n3 SeeSee
  • FluF B4n3 SeeSee
  • Inf3rn0l Sl4y4h SeeSee
  • Impurrnal Slayer SeeSee
  • S0l Inv1kToos SeeSee
  • Sol Inv1ct Meows SeeSee
  • Dorge's Decimalat0r SeeSee
  • Borge's D3c1m4T0R SeeSee
  • 4zr33l Bj0rn SeeSee
  • Azreal Bean SeeSee


Commander of the Stars (Preview)

Acatriel and Bido have been cooking up a grand feast for you with new weapons, new armors, new styles, and 2 new boss fights!

This week was a blitz to complete more work related to gifting rewards, but luckily Acatriel, Bido, Deuce, and Spider are still able to develop new content and features to keep the game moving along!

Keep watching the stars and prepare yourself for the coming cosmic onslaught next week!

In Development

We haven't forgotten the outstanding list of suggestions and features for improvements to EpicDuel! Here's a short list of some features currently in-progress!

  • Cyber-Hunter focused balance improvements
  • Bank interface improvements
  • More robust character options
  • XP mission rewards
  • Skip turn button
  • Daily login rewards

To be clear, these features do not have an ETA, but more details will be revealed as development proceeds.


Bug Fixes:

  • Emerald stars should now display correctly.

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