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Creative Cookie Contest Winners 2023

Beleen | Friday, December 22, 2023

🏆✨ This is a literal “have your cake and eat it too” moment! Join us as we celebrate the winners of the Creative Cookie Contest! ✨🏆

Cooking aprons were donned. Spatulas equipped. And the ovens were hot – but the competition was hotter! Your fellow bakers brought their A-game to AQ3D’s Creative Cookie Contest with mouthwatering masterpieces that we get to share with you right now 🤤🍪🌟 Feast your eyes on our winners!


🥇 1st Place: Almayudha

Congratulations Almayudha! Your amazing entry was cake-worthy in every sense of the word – and who knew moglins were filled with such yummy sweetness?! For your spectacular submission, you won the Gingerbread Cookie Sword, 15,000 Dragon Crystals, an AQ3D character page badge with the special title of “Cookie Crumbler,” and the most delicious bragging rights ever! Spectacular!!!


🥈 2nd Place: BATTLE VIP


Well OF COURSE cupcake moglins are made from cupcakes, but have you ever seen an IRL cupcake moglin?! BATTLE VIP obtained (and most definitely devoured) the first-ever cupcake moglin, and for that, we must award you the Gingerbread Cookie Sword and 10,000 DCs! Amazing work, BATTLE VIP!


🥉 3rd Place Winners: a 4-way tie! 


Crafting classy confections that turned their favorite AQ3D moments into irresistible edible masterpieces made these 4 players tie for 3rd place! DeadShadow Empress captured the essence (and, um, flavor?) of Gift’thulu, Arataka- and Lemaris made amazing Zorbak and Twilly cakes, and Chai created the most delectable cake lollipops of the Gifting Shrub, marzipan moglins complete with almond ears, the Rolling Snowman Head (on a stick, so it doesn't roll away...into my mouth!), and Korin’s Happy Face Paper Bag. Wowie! For all your hard work, each of you will receive the Gingerbread Cookie Sword and 5,000 DCs. Bravo, bravo!


🎖️ Runner Ups



These entries tickled the tastebuds of our judges, and we know you’ll love them too! Daysura made adorably delicious Twilly and Zorbak cookies, GreyLeaf dished out a humbug moglin cookie, Lovigis made a senna bun moglin (a new species, perhaps?), Wormm baked a festive Frostval Trobble cake, and Sir Lucas the Guardian forged a Guardian muffin + edible Sir Fainal! Everything looks soo incredibly delicious and we hope your winnings of 2,000 DCs will get you some sweet treats in game! 


✨ Honorable Mentions


Aaaand the sweetness keeps on coming! We had to award these players too for the yumminess they served up. For Goetia’s very tasty muffin, Save’s marzipan moglins, Punzy’s AQ3D chocolate chip cookies, Fofighter186’s Gingerbread Pet, and Kanta the White’s Icy the Snowman (who apparently got stabbed in the back), each of you get 1,000 DCs!


Sweet, sweet victory

Please join us in giving a round of applause for all our winners! And remember, even if you didn't snag some prizes this time, you're all winners in our book :) Your passion for baking and the world of Lore brought a touch of magic (and cake and cookies!) to the festive season of Frostval. Thank you for all being part of what makes this MMO magical 🤩

As we conclude this confectionary contest, everyone here at Artix Entertainment wants to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, a joyful Kwanzaa, a serene Winter Solstice, a luminous Yule, and any seasonal celebration you hold dear. May your homes be filled with warmth, laughter, comfort and joy, and, of course, the sweet taste of victory… with cookies too! 

Nom nom on,
Beleen, the judges, and the AQ3D team

PS: The Frostval Screenshot Contest is currently underway! Contest ends Tuesday, December 26, so you’ve still got time to enter!

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