Custom Color Overhaul

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Custom Color Overhaul

Hollow | Thursday, May 18, 2023

Custom Color Overhaul:

Speak with Valencia in Battleon and experience a vibrant new world with our color-custom overhaul and immerse yourself with the ability to customize your characters with an endless range of colors!

New features include:

  • 2 additional color options, for 5 total. (Base, Trim, Cape, Accent, Accessory)
  • Saved color profiles per color slot. (Max 7)
  • Complete RGB scale for color selection.
  • A new eyedropper tool can sample colors from anywhere inside the game window.
  • Players will load into an all-new UI , with a new Gear Locker available for quick changes.
  • Players will load with their equipped gear and have the ability to view color selections as they appear live on their character.*
  • CC is now not only limited to Guardian characters. As long as a player has a Guardian character on the same account, they can color their gear as an Adventurer.
  • Selecting the canvas in the background will take players to a scene that loads their character with a selection of backgrounds.

Make sure you stop by Yulgar's to pick up the new Retro Flower Custom Armor and test out all of the new color abilities!

*Live view is only available for new and updated gear. Players using older gear will need to hit the *Set Color* button to view their changes.

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