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Dage's 2020 Collection

Alina | Friday, January 29, 2021

Celebrate Dage's Dark birthday with new event rare items! Save 8,000 ACs on event rare gear! Get all of Dage’s 2020 birthday items in his Devourer of Souls Collection Chest for 10,000 AdventureCoins (18,000 ACs worth of gear for 10,000 ACs is a really GOOD deal from a very Evil Artist)

Dage's 2020 Collection includes: 50 rare items, plus a character page badge and the Collection Chest pet!

  • Dage's Devourer of Souls Collection Chest pet (click this to access the shop full of 0 AC gear)
  • Devourer of Souls armor
  • 2 Deverour of Souls capes
  • Devourer of Souls Greatswords and "powered up" version
  • Flaming Devourer of Souls Morph + Horned Mask helms
  • Devourer of Souls GreatScythe and "powered up" version
  • Devourer of Souls Greatsword floating sword pet
  • DeathCaster armor
  • 4 DeathCaster helms
  • 2 DeathCaster wings
  • DeathCaster Scythe
  • Ultra FiendHunter's Cape
  • Vhall's Demon Dystopia
  • Necro Paragon armor
  • 2 Necro Paragon helms + cloak
  • Necro Paragon Slasher Axe, Broadsword, Executioner, + Poleaxe
  • Necro Paragon Reaver + Dual Reavers
  • Necro Paragon Blade floating sword pet
  • Necro Paragon Pet + Minion Pet
  • Necro Paragon Blade + Minion battle pets*
  • Mystic Underworld Warrior armor, helm, cloak, and blade
  • Arcane Underworld Warrior
  • Underworld SoulEater Bldae
  • Legion Skull Cave House 
  • SoulEater's Badge Pet (with quest for exclusive character page badge + House)

Just want a couple of the items listed above? Apart from the exclusive Devourer of Souls Collection Chest pet itself, all of the gear contained inside the Dark Caster Collection Chest will also be available individually in his Birthday Shop.

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