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Dage's 2020 Collection

Nightwraith | Thursday, September 24, 2020

Spring has almost arrived at Delta V, and already the spring seasonal rares are blooming! Collect new weapon and achievements celebrate Dage's Birthday while boosting your rating score!



Nothing lasts forever, and that includes some fleeting achievements that will be retired permanently. Congratulations to those who were able to collect them and get a step closer to a Diamond rating!

  • Big Game LIV
  • Australia Day 2020
  • Black Mamba Forever (Recategorized as General instead of Seasonal)

This update will also introduce 2 new achievements that can be earned by adding some quality Dage items to your collection!

  • Dage Collector 2020 - Awarded for buying a 2020 Dage item.
  • Dage's CC Desolation - A mighty reward for the wielders of the Dage's CC Desolation. This will be retroactive for those who already purchased one or both CC items last week. Please allow some time to receive the achievement. Stock of these two rare swords remain, but when they are fully depleted, they will never be available again.


Unlocked cores

The seasonal Celtic/Lucky weapons are some of the most fashionable in EpicDuel, but with locked cores, they don't fit every build. Their Lucky Strike cores have been unlocked to allow these weapons to be included in more builds.

New Weapons!

  • Bio Guard - Mew seasonal spring weapons created by Junny Osan have been added to the Bio Guard just outside the Biological Preserve!
    • Toxic Xeno Slayer P
    • Toxic Xeno Slayer E
    • Toxic Xeno Blades P
    • Toxic Xeno Blades E
    • Toxic Xeno Axe P
    • Toxic Xeno Axe E
    • Toxic Xeno Staff P
    • Toxic Xeno Staff E
  • Dage the Evil - Visit Dage the Evil at the base of the Wasteland Minetower to collect the latest 2020 Undead Legion gear and earn a new acheivement!
    • Necro Paragon Sword P
    • Necro Paragon Sword E
    • Legion SoulKeeper P
    • Legion SoulKeeper E
    • Legion Slayer Sword P
    • Legion Slayer Sword E
    • Death Caster Scythe P
    • Death Caster Scythe E
    • Legion Overfiend Scythe P
    • Legion Overfiend Scythe E


Faction Titles

It wasn't mentioned in any previous post so I'm clarifying here that 4 Faction Titles have been established. Very few faction shave attained such scores, but those who have should now see their proper title instead of an error message.

Immortals = 15000000
Immortal Champions = 20000000
Immortal Legends = 25000000
Eternal Legends = 30000000

Next Week

The much-hyped Celtic Hunter promotional package will arrive next Friday, complete with new potent skill cores sure to spice up battles! Also, expect new achievements and the return of Friday the 13th items (and maybe some new ones)!

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