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Dage's Deals

Nightwraith | Friday, June 26, 2020

Surprise Update Alert! In celebration of Dage and Faith's recent union, we've restocked Dage's awesome inventory of items (along with a handsome new armor and new styles). Plus, as an added challenge, Legendary Dage the Evil has been temporarily replaced with Nightmare Dage the Evil (the button is the same). This NPC will drop a new achievement along with a rare new armor!

You'll have to sort your strategies for tackling this new tyrant fast, because he'll only be in game two weeks -- along with all Dage's sensational seasonal gear!


Titan Slayers

So far only 7 players have completed the arduous Titan's Tyranny mission chain! Congratulations your persistence, skill, strategy in completing possibly the greatest PvE challenge EpicDuel has ever offered.

  • Machaon
  • No. Six
  • CactusChan
  • Edelgard
  • .S A G A R.
  • Jestericious
  • Emolicious

5 others have bested Nightmare Titan in combat but have not yet completed the missions. You've proven yourselves to be formidable warriors and good allies by helping your fellow duelists bring down the tyrant. Can you cross that final threshold to claim the last elusive mission achievement for yourself?

  • Yamira
  • ..SaTan..
  • .Valencia.
  • Spank Me
  • KeSs LoVe

If you're still struggling with this epic challenge, these players are your best resources for strategies to claim victory end the Nightmare!


Next Week!

Talk Like a Pirate Day weapons and armors have been available in EpicDuel for a bit, but the real treasure has yet to come! Deuce is hard at work on the latest and greatest gear that's poised to finally replace the Infernal Gladiator Gear! 

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