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Alina | Thursday, September 24, 2020

Happy Belated Birthday, Darkon!

Darkon is a mysterious artifact collector who is willing to sell some of his collection... to make room for more "valuable" things. (In real life, HE is one of our most valuable artists, working primarily on AQ3D, but also on AQWorlds when we can steal him away for a week!)

Find him when you /join garden and check out what he's made for you!

Darkon's Rare Animated, Boosted Weapons

To help you bring the power AND pain, Darkon crafted a series of incredibly rare, powerful weapons. Find them in the Featured Gear Shop for a limited time. Each comes with a damage boost AND a chance to call down a rain of fiery comets.

Darkon's Debris 6: 1,500 AC
Boost: 12% damage to all, 
1.5% chance for the comet animation to appear

Darkon's Debris 8: 2,000 AC
Boost: 15% damage to all, 
2% chance for the comet animation to appear

Darkon's Debris 11: 1,200 AC
Boost: 10% damage to all, 
1.2% chance for the comet animation to appear

The Darkon's Debris 6 and 11 are available in single and dual wield forms. Darkon's Debris 6 and 8 are also available as back items for 500 AdventureCoins each!

Darkon's Debris

This weekend, /join garden and talk to Darkon to begin his quests for THREE new armors and a couple helms. They are pretty wicked but... if you want them, you're going to have to WORK to get'em. Darkon's garden will expand later this year with even more quests, rewards, and areas to explore.

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