Defiers of Fate: Recreation!

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Defiers of Fate: Recreation!

Dove | Saturday, January 14, 2023

Hey there, heroes!

With the days of being labeled Maleurous behind them, our intrepid band of "heroes" has chosen to spend some time enjoying the relaxing hobbies Greenguard provides!

But the call of the deep is too alluring to resist for long...

Which means it's time for Greenguard's foremost Angler, (that's you!) to lead a fishing trip to Falconreach Bay! Will Uaanta or Notha catch the biggest fish? Uaanta has some previous experience fishing in Lhe'Shyiac, but Notha is crafty and might have a trick up her sleeves! Can Myalos even eat fish yet? What are Lock and Key planning?

It's time for some Recreation—

Wait. Where did Uaanta go? She was just here, wasn't she?

This Friday the 13th (Er, Saturday the 14th), a new adventure begins for our heroes, our Defiers of Fate!

You can access the Recreation quest and the subsequent war (spoilers!) from the Book of Lore!

We're also trying out a new war reward system this time around. The Abyssal Heart cosmetic scythe will be available for 800 Dragon Coins. While unimpressive at first, you will be able to use Defender Medals to upgrade its appearance! Once it reaches its final form, it will unlock a new (to be finished next week) Abyssal customization for Kathool Adept. Clicking on its final form will also interact with, changing the appearance of, future to-be-added cape and helm cosmetic items, which will be available for 400 DCs each. You will need a total of 150 Defender Medals to fully upgrade the Abyssal Heart scythe (So, if you want to wait until the customization is finished, save up!). You will also be able to click on it to change its appearance to previous versions once fully upgraded.

The Abyssal Heart and corresponding accessories/upgrades will not be going rare. If you don't have time to war, you will always be able to access and purchase and upgrade these items.

Note: More cosmetic items will be available for Defender Medals (only) as the war progresses.

Also this week, a couple bugfixes and adjustments.

  • Dragon Amulet and Non-Dragon Amulet Defender Medal items have been separated into multiple shops.
  • You can now swap between DA and NDA Defender items every 5 tiers. (This merge shop is only available from the Falconreach Town Hall.
  • Fixed an issue where returning to the character list would cause the Log to scroll additional lines each time until the game was closed and re-opened.

And that's all for this week!

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