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Design a Discord Emoji Contest

Beleen | Friday, July 28, 2023

Calling all creative minds and meme aficionados: we invite you all to design a Discord emoji!

Welcome meme lovers and aspiring emoji makers! Get ready for our first ever Design a Discord Emoji Contest! It’s time to tickle those funny bones and memeify our digital Discord world with your epic emoji creations. We have over 20,000 amazing adventurers on the Artix Discord channel, so we are preparing ourselves for the massive onslaught of emoji masterpieces. Below are the contest rules and details to get you prepped for this creative journey. So let’s do dis…cord! 

Discord Emoji Contest Rules


  • This contest is open to everyone on our Artix Discord 
  • Not on our Discord yet? Well, here’s your invite! 


  • Begins Friday, July 29, 2023
  • Ends Friday, August 4, 2023, at 11:59pm EST


  • Artix-themed anything! 
  • Pretty much anything goes – so long as it follows Discord’s guidelines for appropriate emojis
  • Remember: Discord emojis can be seen by anyone of any age, so keep your creation cordial. If you wouldn’t show it to your religious grandmother, then you definitely should not submit it to the contest :p  

Accepted Formats:

  • Dimension: 128 x 128
  • Animated GIF emojis are allowed
  • Normal PNGs and JPEGs accepted as well

Judging Criteria:

  • Memes and emojis are subjective, we get it! But our judges will choose winners based on creativity, originality, and maybe some magic.

Winner Selection:

  • We will crown a 1st place winner 
  • We will award 3 - 5 animated GIFs and 2 normal PNGs / JPEGs 
  • We reserve the right to additionally award those that go above and beyond! 
  • We will message the winners on Discord; make sure you have your Direct Messages turned on so we can notify you if you win :) Here’s how to do that:


  • 1st Place: 4,000 Artix Points, which can be used in your favorite Artix games!
  • Animated GIF winners: 3,000 Artix Points each
  • PNG / JPEG winners: 2,000 Artix Points each
  • The winning emojis will be added to the Artix Discord channel for all to enjoy
  • And of course, infinite internet fame for the emoji masters 👑

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Each participant can submit 1 animated GIF, and/or 1 PNG / JPEG (so max of 2 entries per person)
  2. Be original and don't steal someone else's work
  3. Artix Entertainment anything is accepted (and required to win)
  4. Dimensions must be 128 x 128


  • You will forever be the owner of your emoji!
  • But by submitting your emoji to the contest, you're giving Artix Entertainment the right to join in on the fun and use it on Discord, the Design Notes, and beyond!
  • Don't worry; we'll give you credit where it's due :) 

How to Enter:

  • Read all the rules?
  • Yeah? You sure?
  • Okay, great! 

👉 Enter the Design a Discord Emoji Contest here! 👈

Woohoo! I think everyone’s ready to let their imaginations run wild with memes, puns, and all things hilarious! Your emoji is going to bring so much joy, laughter, and epic moments to all our lives. Now go forth and embrace the emoji, pull out those puns, whip out those dank references, and let your creativity shine – we can't wait to see your amazing emoji designs! 

Emoji on!
Beleen, Glisel, Alina, Yoshino, Despair, the panel of unsuspecting judges, and an ever-excited Artix Entertainment team

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