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War... is coming...

Verlyrus | Saturday, July 21, 2018

Hey there, Heroes!

It's Friday the 13th again, and you know what that means: War is coming! The citizens of Falconreach are aware of this as well, and are preparing their defenses. But the sun is still shining, birds in the sky chirping, and there's not a dark cloud in sight!

But war is coming... It most definitely is.


Something... has been released. And it's up to the heroes of Lore to stop it.

This Friday the 13th war is available from the Book of Lore.

Good luck, heroes.

Also this week, some bug fixes:

  • Pridemasters in the quest "Pet Insurrection" no longer to NaN/Undefined damage.
  • Sciuridaehotep no longer removes the player's Stuffed debuff.
  • Leorilla now can be properly stunned (again)
  • Ninja's Blurred Vision skill now applies on the turn it is used.
  • Fixed issue where Cysero's House Orb could use Ruby's dialogue.
  • DragonFable Friends trinket now works properly with the level 90 Flame Claw Scythe
  • Level 90 versions of Limited Quantity Shop items now count for the in-game badge. (This change has not been applied to character pages yet).


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