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Announcing the Winners of Our Discord Emoji Contest!

Beleen | Friday, August 11, 2023

We have such an incredible community of emoji-makers and meme-masters 🤩 Check out our winners before enjoying the emoji masterpieces for yourself on our Artix Discord channel!

The time has come to unveil the creative marvels that emerged from our Design a Discord Emoji Contest! 🎨✨ The Artix team was blown away by the incredible imagination displayed by our creative community. You all are *so* talented! Your emojis didn't just transcend pixels – they brought life and joy to our digital realm!

It was hard narrowing down our favorites, but the panel of Artix judges went through each entry and selected their favorites. In addition to adding the winners’ emojis to the Artix Discord, the First Place winner will receive 4,000 Artix Points, the Animated GIF winners each get 3,000 APs, and the PNG / JPG winners are awarded with 2,000 APs.   


🥇 First Place: Sorakki

Congratulations to Sorakki! You won the grand prize and infinite bragging rights! 


🥈 Animated GIF winners

These GIFs are a gift! Give an animated round of applause to




and skyfall armament for their wonderful work!


🥉 PNG / JPG winners  

Please join me in congratulating

.midnightowl07. and


Your emojis left a mark on the judges’ hearts – and now they’ll leave a mark on Discord, too!

Congratulations again to all our winners! 👏 Even if you did not win a prize this time, we extend our gratitude to each and every one of you who participated in the Design a Discord Emoji Contest. Your imagination, creativity, and passion for our world never cease to amaze us. And now everyone gets to enjoy your emoji masterpieces on the Artix Discord channel! Stay tuned for more exciting events, contests (purrhaps this Saturday…?), and game updates coming your way!

Battle on!
Beleen, Glisel, Yoshino, the judges, and the Artix Entertainment team

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