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Sunscale and Chaoswrought Prizes

Hollow | Friday, June 26, 2020

Tibbles and Kibbles Return:

This merry elf duo collects donations and randomly gifts them to your fellow players - meaning you could receive gifts up to 5000 Z-Tokens just for playing during the contest!

  • This year Tibbles is rewarding charitable players with amazing Sunscale items.
  • Not to be outdone, Kibbles has brought his own equally awesome Chaoswrought gear.
  • All GOLD donators will receive the Fenrir Wolf Pet.
  • All Z-TOKEN donators receive the mighty Balmung blade.
  • That means for crazy generous players there are 14 possible items to win!

You will find Tibbles and Kibbles randomly throughout the game or visit them directly through Today's Event page. This contest will end January 3rd, so don't miss out on these exclusive items before Tibbles and Kibbles return home!

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