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The DOOM Continues...

Alina | Friday, February 5, 2021

DoomWood Saga III: Legacy of Darkness, Part 2

Log in tonight as we continue our newest event, DoomWood Saga III: Legacy of Darkness! This weekend, prepare for DOOM! If you have not played last week's update, you are going to want to gear up, log in, and catch up, because in tonight's adventure (SPOILERS)... we are going after the axe and having a showdown in the cybernetic, future-apocalypse version DoomWood. 

This weekend, /join stonewood to continue your adventure... against the CYBER-UNDEAD! 

  • Drive back the Necrodrones to keep Queenadent Odessa safe
  • Search for the Blinding Light of Destiny* 
  • Meet a new villain... of DOOM

*Artix's Blinding Light of Destiny, in future version, not the one you may already wield.

DoomWood Saga III Rewards

We've got an Army (of Darkness') worth of rewards coming your way this weekend! Battle the BioKnights in /stonewood and this weekend's boss to find the pieces of the Zealous Paladin set, then talk to Stellaria to create the next tier versions (the Zealous Aegis Paladin) in her Legacy of Darkness Merge shop.

Daily Gift: Dark Spirit Orbs + Gold Boost

To fight the darkness, sometimes you must BECOME the darkness. That's why today's daily gift will be a 72 hour Dark Spirit Orbs farming resource buff, for all you heroes battling to create Sepulchure's DoomKnight Armor! Log in each day for a new server-wide reward item, boost, or drop rate increase.

Coming next week:

  • Monday: 48 hour XP boost
  • Tuesday: rare 0 AC pet (and 0 AC member battlepet) drops
  • Wednesday: 48 hour Class Points boost
  • Thursday: rare 0 AC helm drops
  • Friday: 72 hour Rep Boost
  • Saturday: rare 0 AC weapon + cape drops
  • Sunday: rare 0 AC armor drop

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