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Heir of Doomwood

Alina | Thursday, September 24, 2020

DoomWood Saga III: Legacy of Darkness, Part 3

This weekend, your skill and strength are needed to train a new hero... one fated to wield the Blinding Light of Destiny! Log in now at as we continue Artix's Doomwood III: Legacy of Darkness Saga.

DoomWood Saga III Rewards

Battle monsters in this weekend's update in /stonewooddeep to collect the pieces of the Cryptborg armor set. Then collect the merge resources to enhance it into the 0 AC Charged Cryptborg gear!

Back to School AdventureCoin Bonus

Worried you weren't going to make the July 31st cutoff for our Summer AdventureCoin bonus? Never fear, we're rolling it right into our Back to School bonus. Get 25% more AdventureCoins when you top up your ACs until September 14th.

August 2020 Release Calendar

Darkness. Death. Chaos. And... DOOMWOOD! This month, log in for the finale of Artix's Doomwood III Saga: Legacy of Darkness! Plus, we celebrate Indonesian Independence Day, journey to the heart of the Land of Dreams and Nightmares, and begin our next six-part main storyline: Shadows of Chaos!

August 1 AC bonus continues + Urban Street Gear Seasonal Set

August 7 Rangda Boss Battle + Knight of Darkness Upgrade pack

August 14 Doomwood III: Legacy of Darkness finale

August 21 Nightmare Realm Hub town

August 28 Shadows of Chaos 1: Chaos vs ShadowFlame

Reens' Birthday Boost + This Week's Daily Gifts

Reens -- AdventureQuest Worlds' lead developer -- is leveling up in real life! To celebrate, we're releasing a Double Gold, XP, Class Points, and Rep Boost on all servers this weekend! Log in each day for a new server-wide reward item, boost, or drop rate increase.

Coming this week:

  • Monday: 48 hour Double Gold Boost
  • Tuesday: rare 0 AC Weapon
  • Wednesday: 48 hour Double XP Boost + rare 0 AC armor
  • Thursday: 0 AC pet + member-only Battle Pet
  • Friday: 72 hour Double Class Points Boost
  • Saturday: 0 AC seasonal surfboards
  • Sunday: House item + cape celebrating Singapore's Independence Day

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