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Verlyrus | Monday, August 20, 2018

Hey there, heroes!

We have a pretty busy release for you this week!

First off, the new content!

Two new boards have been added to the Inn at the Edge of Time. First up, fresh from the Pasgur Ocean, The Emperor of the Sea Chickens has revealed himself! The Azaveyran Challenges is now available, and the first contender is none other than The Emperor of the Sea Chickens!

Hunt down this massive foe, and try not to get crushed! If you're successful, you'll earn the Sea Chicken's Conquest- an extremely powerful Wind Element Scythe!

Next, take on Sinnocence at the height of his power- Sinnocence, the Undying! Sinnocence, the Undying, can be fought from the new Unfortunate Souls challenge board.

Will you last against his constant onslaught of attacks as he loses control? Or will your weapons be added to his collection? Defeat Sinnocence, the Undying, to recieve... something mysterious (that you should definitely hold on to for the future).


Thank you to Dracelix for providing this stylish, if a bit morbid, weapon. Head over to the Inn at the Edge of Time to take on these awesome foes!


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