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Dragon of Time Class

Alina | Friday, February 5, 2021

Your Eternal Destiny (Re)Revealed!

AdventureQuest Worlds turns 12 this year, and our anniversary celebration begins October 1s with our 12th Upholder promotiont! Then, return this Friday, October 2nd as we start our month of gifts, events, and more with the return of our Mogloween hub town and... a new Tier 2 class -- the Dragon of Time!

How to Unlock the Class

As the embodiment of time itself, you’ll be able to wield the power of bending, tearing, and twisting destiny and space to your bidding. To unlock the class, talk to Kro’nar in /yulgar to begin their quests. Each quest will reward pieces of the Dragon of Time set with the 9th quest rewarding the class.

Class requirements

  • Complete the 13 lords of chaos saga 
  • Complete all of Kro'nar's class quests
  • Have the Blade of Awe
  • Level 75+

Quest level requirements

  • 1st + 2nd quest: open to all
  • 3rd + 4th quest: requires level 31
  • 5th quest: requires level 60
  • 6th quest: requires Darkon's receipt
  • 7th quest: requires Tower of Doom9 completion
  • 9th quest: requires level 75, Blade of Awe, Tower of Doom10, 13th Lord of Chaos Saga

You'll need to have the 13 Lords of Chaos saga completed to unlock the awesome power of the Dragon of Time Class, but all heroes can begin Kro'nar's quests to collect the armor set pieces.

The quests will get progressively harder as you advance down the chain, and the class should be a handy (or claw-y) addition to any high-levelled player’s kit!  The quests will have you travelling all over Lore to experience the many destinies of different creatures, and learning about the ultimate fate of the Eternal Dragon of Time.

With a heavier focus on the difficulty of certain fights instead of simply throwing a huge number of monsters at you, the class should be faster to obtain than equivalents. A word of advice -- crossing timelines and finding other players to aid you may prove to be very beneficial!

Without further ado, follow the link to learn more about the skills and gameplay!

Note: this class is intended for experienced heroes and is only available by completing Kro'nar's quests; there is no Adventure Coin short-cut.

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