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A Plea From the Woods

Clarion | Thursday, April 18, 2024

Answer the Voice of the Forest!

In the depths of Heartwood Forest lies a grotto that is home to an enchanted, wise old tree known as the Voice of the Forest, an ancient tree that serves Lore herself. Unfortunately, not all is well. A corrupting force strikes at the very ground we stand on, sending tremors throughout Lore’s soil causing great pain to all who are connected deeply with her… The Voice of the Forest calls out for your help, Hero of Lore! Will you heed its call?

Earth Day 2024 Rewards

Once you complete the new storyline for Earth Day your efforts will be rewarded with nature-themed gear. Appropriate for the celebration of Earth Day! You’ll be able to pick from the Twisted Vine Staff, The Twisted Vine Blade, The Twisted Vine Helm and the Globe of Lore housing item.


Epic New Music by Jongaar

Heartwood has 3 new soundtracks! Click the Listen button at the top of the page, or head on over to Jongaar’s Twitter to hear magical music befitting that fantasy forest. Of course you could always play through Heartwood to hear it firsthand! 


Get the Azure Cloak of the Motionless Falls

The Azure Cloak of the Motionless Falls is now available for a limited time only. To get this amazing item, you need to purchase any package in the upgrade shop, now with 50% extra Dragon Crystals on select packages. For those that get one of the Guardian upgrade packages, you will also get the Azure Cloak of the Roaring Falls, an animated variant that is only for Guardians!

Last Chance! Here’s everything leaving next week:

Gimic, Grenwog, Solar Eclipse armor set, and Chicken Cow invasion in the Social District. Get your glorious gear and battle that hybrid moooo-nstrosity before it’s too late. 

Battle on!
Clarion, Yergen, Oishii, Blaze, Broomtool, and the AdventureQuest 3D Team

PS: We had over 200 amazing entries in our Sandbox Screenshot contest! Stay tuned to the Design Notes — we’ll be announcing the winners tomorrow. Prepare to be AMAZED!! Eeeeep! *audible Beleen squeals*

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