Elite Ninja Training

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Elite Ninja Training

Nightwraith | Friday, July 9, 2021

Want to be an elite ninja? Fortune City's resident ninja master and professional trainer Habuki will guide you through a brutal training program that will help you smoke the competition!


New Replicas!

A new set of replica's have entered the game. Since quantities run out quickly, some have requested that the locations not be announced. You'll have to put in some fastidious footwork to determine the merchants offering these unique items!

Roman and Katie have released replicas of their elegant and epic Interdictor and Slayer weapons, this time with new CC flair, making them among the most beautiful in game. Where are they? It's a Mystery!

  • Roman's Replica Interdictor CC
  • Roman's Replica Interdictor
  • Katie's Replica Slayer CC
  • Katie's Replica Slayer

Smoking Shadow's custom GammaBot has entered the game. Can you complete the epic new mission chain in time to get one?

  •  Smoking's Replica Bot

l.ZEUS.l is proud to present his shocking new replica. Where could it be?

  • l.ZEUS.l's Replica Delta Armor

Some small restocks were also introduced with this update. To honor the wishes of the gifters, the exact locations and times are a secret.


New Missions

Habuki is once again offering his training services. This time, the rewards will blow your mind!

  • Elite Ninja Training
    • Smoking Smith
    • Smoking Soul
    • Smoking Sorcerer
    • Smoking Survivor
    • Smoking Synergy
    • Smoking Segments


Quality of Life

Enjoy some small but impactful changes to EpicDuel to make the game a more pleasant experience.

  • Cores no longer count towards Inventory limit
  • Character Limit increased to 120
  • Arcades are slightly faster with /spinfast
  • Omega Wolf Shards now 100% drop​



  • Mercenary:
    • Reactive Armor new values:
    • Level 1: 15% Reflected Damage
    • Level 2: 20% Reflected Damage
    • Level 3: 25% Reflected Damage
    • Level 4: 30% Reflected Damage
    • Level 5: 35% Reflected Damage
    • Level 6: 38% Reflected Damage
    • Level 7: 41% Reflected Damage
    • Level 8: 44% Reflected Damage
    • Level 9: 47% Reflected Damage
    • Level 10: 50% Reflected Damage


Bug Fix

  • Overlord Overture achievement should now be in general and not tagged as seasonal.

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