New Homes Unlocked

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Epic Homes Unlocked

Nightwraith | Friday, June 3, 2022

The tournament has ended, the awards are distributed, but EpicDuel's Summer excitement is just beginning!


New Homes

Browse the home interface to unlock 2 new homes! 

  • Star Hunter's Den The abandoned cave of Luthiel, pulsing with cosmic energy.
  • Chrono Palace: Own a pocket dimension beyond time and space all for yourself.


Balance Changes

  • Cores/Bots
    • Gamma Bot/ Gamma Bot Variants: This bot has dominated since it's damage was buffed to +110% over a year ago. To be fair to players who weren't able to acquire these rare bots and to encourage the use of other bots, damage has been reduced to 108%.
    • Apocryphal Demigod's Roar: Damage increased to 100%.
    • Apocryphal Champion's Roar: Damage increased to 100%.
  • Cyber Hunter
    • Nanotech Shield: Requires 30 Support max.
    • Proton Cannon: Damage boost reduced by 10% at all levels. Requires Technology, 42 max.
  • All Hunters' Festival tournament prizes except cores will now be available to be sold. Please be careful as we don't have user-selected item locking (yet!).
  • This is the last week the April Fools and Dage PvP drops will be available! Grab them before they're gone!


In progress

The team is still working on some major improvements, features, and content! Here's just a taste of what's currently in progress:

  • Acatriel NPC and Time Palace quests (including bosses)
  • Pausing 2v1 Bosses
  • Custom player scaling during bosses (enable huge bosses)
  • Idle animations respective to weapon type
  • More distinct attack animations for different weapon types
  • Adaptive Armor, a new passive skill that would buff the lower of either Defense or Resistance by a %.
  • Ability to sell item drops directly from the prize screen.
  • Revamped SFX (special effects like explosions)
  • And much more!

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