EpicDuel Anniversary

EpicDuel EpicDuel

EpicDuel Anniversary

Nightwraith | Friday, March 3, 2023

Login for epic rewards as EpicDuel celebrates 14 years since its initial Alpha Launch!


Epic Varium Bonus

If you have an EpicDuel character that has been active since January 1, 2020, you will receive 1400 free Varium on that character! Not many online games can boast that achievement, and we wanted to commemorate that milestone with an unprecedented gift to help everyone power up! Our humble little Sci-fi PvP MMORPG never would have remained live and dueling this long without you and your support! Duel on!


Spring Varium Sale

Today, EpicDuel began its Spring sale, which is expected to run until Tuesday, April 4th. We are increasing the included Varium with the Darkeater Gear Package from 10,000 to 15,000 and increasing the Varium-only package value from 18,000 to 20,000! Those who purchased either of these packages 24 hours before the sale went live received the difference in Varium earlier today.


Anniversary Gear

Visit Nightwraith for new rare Anniversary weapons!

  • Fourteen Year Alpha Sword P
  • Fourteen Year Alpha Sword E
  • Fourteen Year Alpha Annihilator P
  • Fourteen Year Alpha Annihilator E


Legacy Rewards

Starting this week, we will be equipping new legacy rare gear to players from different development phases who meet certain criteria. This week, we will reward players with the original Alpha gear with new variants of their ultra rare gear! 

  • Alpha Blade 2023 P
  • Alpha Blade 2023 E
  • Alpha Annihilator 2023 P
  • Alpha Annihilator 2023 E

Next week, we will distribute new gear for Beta players with the original Beta weapons and Gamma players who already own the original Gamma Bot!


Bug Fixes/Changes

  • Chained Blood:3 turn duration; lifesteal aspect can be reduced by Heart Attack/Azrael’s Torment/Consecrated Fire
  • Consecrated Ground: No longer reduces the target’s Rage gain rate. If the core has not been used in the battle yet, using the normal aux attack will properly put the core on a 3 turn cooldown, instead of 2.
  • Dualism: If the core has not been used in the battle yet, using the normal gun attack will correctly put the core on a 2 turn cooldown, instead of 3.
  • Azrael’s Chimera CC: Tail CC fixed.

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