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EpicDuel Coming Attractions

Nightwraith | Friday, September 8, 2023

The Cathedral Knight Battlepass is nearing its end, ready to make room for the Draconic Warlord Battlepass! The tentative plan is to remove the Cathedral Knight Battlepass next Friday and update it with the Draconic Warlord Battlepass. That should allow enough time to earn the last few levels of prizes in the normal and enhanced tiers.

Although there is not update today, we wanted to outline the plan for the next few months, which will include new Battlepasses, a tournament, balance changes, and more!


Leaving Soon

When the Draconic Warlord Battlepass goes live, there will be some changes to the availability of seasonal items and PvP drops. Seasonable rares will be reset to their regular release times. Many PvP drops, including the Dage drops will be removed from the drop pools.


Cosmic Carnage 2 Tournament

Cosmic Carnage Preview

Enough time has passed since our last barrage of tournaments that we're finally ready to announce a new Cosmic Carnage 2 tournament coming in October! As in the past, Players will buy tickets to compete with each other to earn PvP victories, climb the leaderboard, and win exclusive rewards!


Olympus' Wrath Battlepass

The Draconic Warlord Battlepass hasn't yet launched, and we already have the next Battlepass in-progress! This Greek Pantheon-themed showcase will feature some mind-blowing animations that push Flash to its limit!


Maybe More?

Though EpicDuel ended 2022 with a new Battlepass, there was definitely something missing compared to the usual excitement and festivities that punctuate the Winter holidays on Delta V. This year, we hope to celebrate the close of another year of EpicDuel with the return of an old favorite...

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