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EpicDuel Darkeater Collection

Nightwraith | Monday, August 8, 2022

The Darkeater Collection!

Finally, a new promo package arrives -- the Darkeater Collection! This new promo is absolutely stuffed with new content!

Those who purchase this achievement will receive the commemorative Darkeater's Crest achievement.


  • Darkeater Armor A
  • Darkeater Armor B
  • Glorified Darkeater Armor A
  • Glorified Darkeater Armor B
  • Darkeater Armor A CC
  • Darkeater Armor B CC
  • Glorified Darkeater Armor A CC
  • Glorified Darkeater Armor B CC


  • Darkeater Katana P
  • Darkeater Katana E
  • Darkeater Greatsword P
  • Darkeater Greatsword E


  • Darkeater Devourer P
  • Darkeater Devourer E


  • Darkeater Breaker P
  • Darkeater Breaker E


  • Darkeater Consumer P
  • Darkeater Consumer E


  • Darkeater Drifter
  • Darkeater Drifter CC
  • Shadowlord Morph M
  • Shadowlord Morph F
  • Shadowlord Morph M CC
  • Shadowlord Morph F CC


  • Shadowlord's Avatar P
  • Shadowlord's Avatar E 

Bot Abilities

  • Shadowlord's Slash P: Attack with a barrage of slashes, dealing physical damage.
  • Shadowlord's Severance P: Bypass 40% target's defense with a barrage of physical slashes.
  • Shadowlord's Slash E: Attack with a barrage of slashes, dealing energy damage.
  • Shadowlord's Severance E: Bypass 40% target's defense with a barrage of energy slashes.


  • Darkeater's Adjudication: Converging blades, lowering target's Rage gain by 85% for 5 turns.
  • Darkeater's Overcharge: Spend HP to mini-Rage, destroying target's armor for 2 turns.
  • Darkeater's Edge: Deal 95% unblockable Primary damage, increasing by 5% per round, (135% max).
  • Darkeater's Defiance: Lower attacker's energy by 50% melee or ranged damage.
  • Darkeater's Stun Blast: Adds a 10% chance to stun the enemy when firing your auxiliary.
  • Darkeater's Insanity: Increases target's Rage while lowering Strength/Support 50%
  • Darkeater's Impaler: Summon a blade barrage to cause 40 points of HP/MP loss for 3 turns.

This pack will be the perfect power-up you need to get a head start in the upcoming tournament!

*All items in this package aside from the weapon/armor cores are now flagged as RARE, meaning they will not be available for sale in-game at a future date.*

Since it's relatively short notice, the Flesh Demigod Promotional Package will remain online for another few weeks to give new and returning players coming to play the tournament a change to gear up.


Hellfire Havoc Begins!

A new tournament is nearly upon us! Visit the Slayer in the Barrens to purchase a Hellfire Havoc Ticket to guarantee participation in Delta V's latest test of might and endurance! For this latest tournament we're trying something a bit different. The cost of entry will be the lowest yet, but the prize pool will also be smaller. The tournament will also have a shorter duration, lasting from Friday August 12 at 6:00 PM (EST) to Monday August 15 at noon (EST). As usual, at the tournament's conclusion, the server will restart briefly to award some prizes manually. As of Monday August 8, the scoring per victory will be as follows:

  • 1v1: 10 points
  • 2v2: 20 points
  • Juggernaut: 5 points

For a complete list of prizes, read on:

ALL participants will receive the following items at the end of the tournament:

  • Hellfire Havoc Scimitar P
  • Hellfire Havoc Scimitar E
  • Hellfire Havoc Lance P
  • Hellfire Havoc Lance E


Those who finish the tournament with the Bronze tier achievement will receive:

  • Hellfire Havoc Armor
  • Hellfire Havoc Armor CC
  • Hellfire Havoc Sword P
  • Hellfire Havoc Sword E

Bronze tier finalists will also receive the participation rewards.


Those who finish the tournament with the Silver tier achievement will receive:

  • Hellfire Havoc Heater P
  • Hellfire Havoc Heater E
  • Hellfire Havoc Harbinger P
  • Hellfire Havoc Harbinger E

Silver tier finalists will also receive the rewards from lower tiers.


Those who finish the tournament with the Gold tier achievement will receive:

  • Hellfire Havoc Harrower P
  • Hellfire Havoc Harrower E
  • Winged Hellfire Havoc Armor
  • Winged Hellfire Havoc Armor CC

Gold tier finalists will also receive the rewards from lower tiers.


The hardcore duelist who finishes the tournament with the Platinum tier achievement will receive:

  • Ascended Hellfire Havoc Armor
  • Ascended Hellfire Havoc Armor CC
  • Hellfire Havoc Sword P CC
  • Hellfire Havoc Sword E CC

The Platinum tier finalist will also receive the rewards from lower tiers.


Upcoming Tournaments

Shortly after Hellfire Havoc concludes, we will be launching a new tournament, Shoggoth's Showdown, featuring new achievements and prizes with a similar duration. We'll follow that up with Typhoon Terror to conclude this tournament trilogy. This is a bit of an experiment to see if shorter more frequent tournaments can be more successful than longer tournaments spaced months apart. We hope you enjoy them!  In the meantime, gear up and duel on!

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