EpicDuel Gifting 2021 Aftermath

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EpicDuel Gifting 2021 Aftermath

Nightwraith | Friday, February 18, 2022

The 2021 Gifting season ended late last week, and we're proud to celebrate the top-15 winners of this monumental event! I never expected ALL of the winners to score at or above one million gifts, but, as usual, EpicDuel's hardcore players blew away those conservative expectations in spite of a year that produced many hardships for people all over the world. We're glad that Delta V could be a post-apocalyptic refuge for people to escape the real disasters big and small occurring on a daily basis, and we hope to continue to serve you all for years to come.

BEHOLD! EpicDuel's 2021 Gifting Season Winners!

  1. Enchant
  2. I Am Mr. Nice Guy
  3. JoshTheCW
  4. Taiso
  5. Lycan
  6. Caddeus
  7. .SwatFighter.
  8. D Fense
  9. UrMenace
  10. Romulus
  11. CactusChan
  12. Gwuapo
  13. Xx.Dark Azrael.xX
  14. Machaon
  15. Santa

Thus far I have corresponded with every winner on this list and have started several of the requests. I understand everyone is equally excited to receive their prizes, but these are all unique customizations of varying difficulty, and they will go out as quickly as they can. I thank you all in advance for your patience.

This year's Silver and Secret Packages will open next week, revealing new weapons, vehicles, and armors created by Acatriel!


Inventory Improvements

This week we built on top of previous improvements to inventory management by making sure the search bar clears when going between interfaces (vendor, bank, inventory, etc...). To further clean your messy post-gifting inventory, Mission items and Arcade Tokens will now stack for easier scrolling. Stacking for additional items is being investigated, but there are some greater challenges with items that can be upgraded and equipped.

If you have a stack of items in your bank, like Arcade Tokens, purchasing more will send them to your bank automatically. This can be confusing as it may appear that the purchase failed because the item won't appear in your inventory.

***Please be advised that if you sell stacked items, the whole stack will be sold at once! A proper warning message is in the works to prevent accidental sales!*** 


Super Stylin'

The color picker in EpicDuel's style change interface just got a major upgrade with an Advanced Color Picker. Everyone will now have access to a broader color spectrum to achieve the color palette of your dreams.

Another improvement to the style change interface is the addition of Gender Change for 15,000 Credits or 250 Varium. Using this feature once will award the Gender Changer Achievement


Seasonal Savings

To accommodate players who may have had limited access to a reliable internet connection over the last few months, we're leaving the seasonal rares and Epic Supporter package in until the end of the month and will be removed from the game in an update on January 31st! 


Additional Changes

The following changes don't fit into any other category but have been itemized here for quick viewing.

  • The Spreadfire cores for sidearm and auxiliary weapons are now unlocked and available for swapping to other items.
  • NPC Battle Cap increased to 300 from 100.
  • Permanent Health Reserve core added to Vendbots.
  • AFK timer increased to an hour.
  • New screen added to Titan's Peak to show off the latest Gifting winners.
  • Skeptical Study removed since mission items no longer take up inventory space.


2022 Thoughts

This is definitely not the only blog on the whole wide web to point this out, but the past two years have been hard for many people for a variety of reasons, and we're proud that EpicDuel could be a place for old and new players to chill out, duel, and forget about the outside world, if only for brief respite. Despite these challenges, we've emerged from another hectic year in a strong position: The additional of Spider and Acatriel to the team have been game-changers in terms of broadening the scope of possibilities for the future direction of the game. Features that were deemed impossible by Titan himself have been implemented in a matter of days, and there are still pages of suggestions that are suitable candidates for implementation. Despite the crushing responsibility of Gifter prize obligations that January brings, I'm more optimistic in EpicDuel's future than I have been in years. Is 2022 the year EpicDuel finally gets new classes? I'm not one to overpromise, but if it were to happen any year, this would be it!

Let's all raise a canister of Health Booster to an incredible year of duels! Duel on!

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