EpicDuel Gifting 2023 Update

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EpicDuel Gifting 2023 Update

Nightwraith | Thursday, December 21, 2023

So far the 2023 season of Gifting has been truly extraordinary. Several players have crossed the 1 million gift threshold, while Exempt and Thaddeus have exceeded 2 million gifts. The #1 gifter so far, Musashi, has crushed the all-time record with over 5 million gifts! Even with this awesome performance, the leaderboard isn't set in stone so there's still time to secure a place in the top 15!


Gifting Leaderboard Expansion

Probably the first change you'll notice in this update is that the Gifting leaderboard has expanded to include the top 50 Gifters. This should make it much easier to tell where you stand in the ranks if you're trying for a Silver or Bronze prize package. 

Due to the phenomenal performance of the top Gifters this year, we've also updated the prize tiers for the Gold, Silver, and Bronze chest items to the following:

  • Gold: 1st - 15th
  • Silver: 16th - 30th
  • Bronze: 31st - 50th

Since we've updated the rules yet again and still haven't posted previews of the Cyber Wolf Collection, we're extending the 50,000 Varium package until the end of Gifting. Also, it would be weird to remove it right before major holidays. If you're within striking distance of the various tier collections, the overstuffed Varium package should provide a great opportunity to climb a few ranks to secure your spot!


Omega Void Trials Return

Early in 2022 the Omega Void Trials disappeared after what was intended to be the final Gifting event ever (it wasn't). Since we brought Gifting back, we thought it made sense to return the Omega Void Trial missions to the Daily Mission pool to give people a way to spend their extra Void and Omega Wolf Shards. 


Credit Sink

A major Gifting session can leave most players with more credits than they could reasonably spend in a year. To help give newly Credit-rich players a place to spend their new wealth, we've introduced a new upgradeable Snowflake badge with 16 levels of upgrades. We've also added snowflake home item decorations.

These won't be the last high-Credit value items introduced so expect more to come, especially after Gifting concludes.


If we don't post another Design Note before December 25th, we hope you have a happy and safe holiday and continue to Duel On into an amazing 2024!

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