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Gifting Returns 2023

Nightwraith | Friday, December 29, 2023

As some of you guessed from last week's cryptic but not too cryptic post, Gifting is returning to EpicDuel December 2023. We had been discussing the possibility of it's return for awhile, but we were waiting until my condition had stabilized before committing. There's so much to prepare for this massive event that we had to plan ahead to make sure we could still provide some updates while creating Gifting content without burning out. 

To help mitigate the scope creep of our rewards in previous years, we are updating the prize structure of the event this year with new tiers and modified rewards. These will allow more people to qualify for big rewards while making sure we're not still working on fulfilling prize requests years after the event concludes. Please please PLEASE read these changes carefully if you're thinking of participating in Gifting! We don't want anyone to feel disappointed or mislead at the end of the event. We also don't want to negotiate with winners for different prizes, additional bonuses, or rule-bending changes after the fact. To prevent the issue of reselling custom item codes (even if you super-duper-pinky-promise you wont), there will be not prize codes provided for the top prize.

  • 1st Place: Custom item + Legacy item* (can be Founder) + Golden Gifting Chest
  • 2nd-15h: Legacy item* (non-Founder) + Golden Gifting Chest
  • 16th-30th: Silver Gifting Chest
  • 31st-50th: Bronze Gifting Chest

The reward chests will contain sets or parts of sets of items in a similar manner to the Secret and Silver Secret Chests from previous years.

*A Legacy item is any EpicDuel item aside from Founder Armor that is no longer available in-game. It could be something from a phase like the Gamma Bot or a permanent rare like the Bunnyzookas. Participants in the top-15 at the end of the event may choose 1 Legacy item. These items will not be personalized like in previous years. A class-changing weapon counts as 1 item.

The custom item grand prize can be an item from any existing category. If it's a category of item that has P and E variants, the opposite variant can be created as a recolor. Customization requests can be refused if they're deemed unreasonable or illegal (copy-written material, offensive, etc...) or if they exceed the limitation of the game (creating excessive lag, too large, too complex). Cores attached the custom item or robot attacks can be customized, but their effects in-battle must have in-game equivalents.

Additional rules from previous years apply (UPDATED 11-30-2023):

  • No custom styles/helms this year.
  • No Replica prizes to be sold in-game will be offered this year.
  • No prize codes will be offered to the winner this year.
  • Choose carefully! Winners will be restricted to 1 item as a prize. Mutating items and mutating armors count as one item. 
  • If you request a Physical variant of an item you may also receive an Energy variant and vice versa. For example, if you request the Bunnyzooka, you may also have the Energy Bunnyzooka.
  • If you request a Physical variant of an item and the Energy version does not exist, a new Energy version will NOT be created.
  • If you request a Physical variant of an item you may not request the Energy variant of a completely different weapon.
  • Armors do not have P or E variants, but you may NOT request an armor + an item.
  • The prize item can be any sword, sidearm, auxiliary, home item, armor, vehicle, mutation, bot, or class-specific item that has ever been available in-game except Founder Armor unless otherwise specified.
  • The item must have been available in EpicDuel at some time. Items from other AE games are not permitted.
  • You may NOT request the custom reward of a Gifting winner from a previous year or this year.
  • If your requested item originally included an achievement (i.e. Infernal Slayer), you will NOT also receive the achievement if you request the same item.
  • The item(s) must be awarded to the same character that made the top 15 gifting list. No item transfers will be honored.
  • The item may have any core available in-game equipped to it as long as it's of the proper category (i.e. no auxiliary cores on primary weapons, etc...).
  • Core graphics and animations for Legacy items will NOT be customized.
  • For balance reasons, skills cannot be modified (i.e. additional damage, % effectiveness, cooldown, damage type, cost, etc...).
  • Please consider your prize carefully because once the item is in-game, there will be no revisions permitted except for bug fixes. 

In addition to those changes, we also want to add a bonus condition for prizes to reward power Gifters. The player with the most Top Daily Gifter wins by the end of Gifting will receive the option for a Legacy item (non-Founder). We would also like to implement an additional reward structure to add incentive for people to participate in giving without the need to climb to the top of the leaderboard. This structure would provide new rewards for Gifting at different thresholds, similar to a Battlepass, from 10K to 200K. More details will be listed as content is completed. We want to have more prize content visible earlier than previous years so Gifters will know what they're trying to win!

We hope these changes will make Gifting rewarding to a larger number of players while also transitioning Gifting into a more sustainable event!


Gifting Clarification (Updated 9-22-2023)

Though we try to be as thorough as possible with the rules and covering all scenarios, there are sometimes omitted. In this case, we forgot to mention the 1,000,000 Gifting score Founder rule from last year is still in play. This means that if you place in the top 15 with a score of 1,000,000 or higher, your Legacy item reward may be Founder Armor. As last time, this only applies to the top 15 places. If hypothetically, your score is greater than 1,000,000 but you're still in 16th place, you will unfortunately not be eligible for the Founder Armor. Additionally, though this is a rare scenario, if you place in the top 15, and have the original Founder Achievement, but not the armor, you may request Founder Armor as your Legacy item.


Draconic Warlord Battlepass

The Battlepass development is still underway and expected to release next week. If you still have a few levels of rewards to grind out in the Cathedral Knight Battlepass, there's still time! It will also be your last chance for awhile to obtain many seasonal rares and PvP drops!

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