EpicDuel May the 4th 2024

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EpicDuel May the 4th 2024

Nightwraith | Friday, May 3, 2024

May the 4th Prize Code Star Sabers

It was around this time a year ago that I made a huge list of EpicDuel-themed star sabers I intended to offer as prize code rewards throughout the month of May and a little beyond. I got about halfway through the list before I needed emergency surgery to repair a detached retina which put a damper on the progress. The remaining star saber designs sat unfinished for a year, but they'll finally be released. Starting today, two codes will drop from my Nightwraith Twitter account every day until the list is exhausted. Interestingly, there are still a few codes from last year that were unclaimed fully so if you missed out, you can dig to find some that work. The following items being offered are, in no particular order:

  • Infernal Slayer Star Saber P
  • Infernal Slayer Star Saber E
  • Ultra Corsair Star Saber CC P
  • Ultra Corsair Star Saber CC E
  • Sea King Star Saber P
  • Sea King Star Saber E
  • Celtic Hunter Star Saber P
  • Celtic Hunter Star Saber E
  • Infernal Fantasy Star Saber P
  • Infernal Fantasy Star Saber E
  • Black Abyss Star Saber P
  • Black Abyss Star Saber E
  • Abyss Acolyte Star Saber P
  • Abyss Acolyte Star Saber E
  • Dage's Desolation Star Saber P
  • Dage's Desolation Star Saber E
  • Infernal Overfiend Star Saber P
  • Infernal Overfiend Star Saber E
  • Fourteen Year Alpha Star Saber P
  • Fourteen Year Alpha Star Saber E
  • Titan's Triumph Star Saber P
  • Titan's Triumph Star Saber E
  • Tyrant Titan Star Saber P
  • Tyrant Titan Star Saber E
  • Nightwraith's Avatar Star Saber P
  • Nightwraith's Avatar Star Saber E
  • Legion Overfiend Star Saber P
  • Legion Overfiend Star Saber E
  • Ancient Legion Star Saber P
  • Ancient Legion Star Saber E


PvP Drop Cleanup

 Over time EpicDuel has accumulated many PvP drops at many different drop tiers. In an effort to streamline and cleanup, we've adjusted the drop pool accordingly to keep the current drops from growing stale and giving people a better chance at collecting drops they were missing.

  • Evolved Frostbane PvP Drops Leaving
  • Ancient Legion/Doom PvP Drops Leaving
  • Necrotek PvP Drops Leaving
  • April Fools PvP Drops Leaving
  • Nulgath PvP Drops Returned
  • Darkwraith PvP Drops Returned


Nightmare Nerfs

Since nobody was able to defeat Nightmare Azrael's Guardian after a week, mainly due to a combination of a huge HP pool and impervious defenses, we're implementing the following nerfs based on player feedback:

  • 50k --> 35k HP
  • 150 --> 70 dex/tech
  • 250 --> 0 armor bonus
  • Removal Consecrated Fire
  • Energy damage AOE removed.
  • Physical AOE damage type changed to Energy.

Azrael's Guardian Slayer achievement awarded to those who defeated Azrael's Guardian in the first week of release! This achievement is awarded manually so please allow 30 minutes to an hour after the update to see the achievement. After that point you may need to relog to see it. Those who are able to defeat the Nightmare variant after this update will also receive an achievement in recognition of their skill for next week's update.

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