EpicDuel Typhoon Terror Ends

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Typhoon Terror Ends

Nightwraith | Friday, September 16, 2022

The Typhoon Terror Tournament has officially ended! Visit Captain Shoggoth to view the final leaderboard and the final winners of this latest test of endurance and skill! All prizes, including the prizes for all participants have been distributed. If you do not see a prize item, you may need to log out then back in again.



Coming Soon: EpicDuel Battle Pass (Duel Pass?)

In addition to the upcoming Techstalker Package we're preparing a new feature that could greatly revitalize EpicDuel: Battle Pass. 

With this new feature, you will be able to complete a series of daily and weekly challenges to earn experience to claim prizes including credits, weapons, hairstyles, and more! This feature has been implemented successfully in many other games from AAA to indie to mobile and we hope it will create a new daily incentive to play and explore all EpicDuel has to offer!

We don't have a firm release date for this feature since it still needs more testing and cleanup, but we'll have more updates as they are available.


Security Checkup Redux

Recently, there was an unplanned password reset to address some lingering concerns from the last reset in April. Many accounts that were already reset before were reset again in error, effecting many more players than intended. If you are having difficulty logging into your EpicDuel accounts, you may have been affected by the recent reset and will need to review your user information and update your old passwords with new ones.

If after attempting to login, you received a message about your account being locked or secured, you will need to login into your account via the Battleon Portal.  After successfully logging in via the website and updating your password you should then be able to login to your EpicDuel account through the Launcher normally.

For more help and information regarding login issues, please visit this Support Page.  

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