Fear Engine: Storming the Boat

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Fear Engine: Storming the Boat

Dove | Saturday, July 10, 2021

Hey hey hey there, heroes!

It's me, Verlyrus Dove!

This week, we're returning to the Fear Engine questline!

Last time, you've met Sirius, a Rune Arcanum from the southern continent, who was being chased by Feargeists. And where are Feargeists, there's the Phobeist, operating from the shadows, always with a new scheme up her sleeve.

Now, you and Sirius have to hurry and save his sister from the Phobeist's clutches, and put an end to her army of Fear creations!

Head over to Sirius (or the mysterious fog!) in Book 3 Falconreach to continue the Fear Engine in this week's quest: Storming the Boat!

In other news, we might have some quite exciting news regarding calendar classes!
More info coming soon™!

In other, other news, Verlyrus is still on vacations next week, so the probability of me breaking the game rises to 19%!

And that's all for this week!

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