February 2021 Event Calendar

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February Event Calendar

Alina | Friday, February 5, 2021

Upcoming Game Events: February 2021

February is a month of celebration... from the SuperBowl /party all the way to Hero's Heart Day and Yokai New Year! Log in all month long for new holiday events, stories, and gear.

February 1 Obsidian Samurai Seasonal Set returns    

February 2 Groundhorc's Day returns

February 5 Class Variants: Chunin and Dragon Shinobi (new art, same great skills!)
                  Akiban BladeMaster boss battle + reward gear
                  New upgrade bonus set: Akiban Street Gear

February 7 LoreBowl LV gear + the /punt map returns

February 12 Hero's Heart Day, Event Rare gear, Beleen's Pink Merge/AC Shop update, seasonal Carnaval events return

February 16 Pancake Day

February 19 Kotobuki Yokai Hunt (Year of the Minotaur) + Event Rare gear

February 26 new Carnaval event

February 28 Obsidian Samurai Seasonal Set + Beleen's seasonal pink gear leave

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