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Alina | Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Every year for the Harvest Fest, Oishii the Troll Chef throws a HUGE feast. This year, to promote goodwill and togetherness, Oishii's invited Gravelyn and her skeletal minions plus Robina, Brentan, and the Swordhaven soldiers. But ask yourself, just how long will turkey and gravy keep the warriors of the alliance occupied before they start to beat the stuffing out of each other? Log in for a family FOOD FIGHT of furious proportions, then return on Friday for all-new Black Friday gear!

The Harvest Fest is a time to reflect on gratitude, give thanks, and spend time with family. But with such a bountiful feast (and a potentially explosive mix of guests at the table), the war will be ON!  Tonight, gear up and head into battle to quell the 300,00 feast guests and help bring Oishii's feast back under control.


Tasty Treats and Harvest Rewards

As you fight to raise the war meter, you'll unlock additional quests. Turn in the war quests for a chance to get the pieces of the Harvest Hunter set (shown below).  

Once the war meter hits 100%, take on the war boss to fight for the:

  • Hollowborn Pistol (dual + single wield)
  • Hollowborn Blade
  • Hollowborn Spear

Seasonal Harvest Event Return

Sample the tastiest battles AQW has to offer when you /join Feast, and don't miss adventures in:

  • Harvest - Help Oishii, the Craziest Chef around!
  • Turdraken - Take on the Turdraken for a deadly AND delicious battle!
  • Float - Help Scott the Pilgrim save the Harvest Parade!
  • FoulFarm - Something's foul in the Farmlands! 

See all the Harvest events in our Lorepedia Guide!

Black Friday Gear Arrives on 11.23.18

Starting this Friday, find all our 2018 Black Friday gear in your Game Menu. Featured sets: Abyssal Angel's Shadow Class, Austere ShadowSlayer, and the Hollowborn Evoker collection, plus a host of dark variants of fan-favorite items from the past.

Fan-favorite Black Friday gear includes:

  • Obsidian Grovebreaker armor set
  • Dark SkyGuard armor
  • Shadow Void BeastMaster set
  • Shadow OathKeeper set
  • and more

The shop opens at 12:01 AM EST on Friday, November 23rd and leaves December 9th (to give all our heroes too busy to log in during the week one final weekend).

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