Find the Fallen Star

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Find the Fallen Star

Nightwraith | Sunday, April 17, 2022

A star has fallen in the ravaged mountain range on the outskirts of the Dread Plains. Track and challenge this ancient power for new gear and achievements!


Luthiel: Commander of the Stars

2 new bosses have dropped (quite literally) out of the sky in the Dread Plains! Track down this otherworldly beast and defeat it to collect it's coveted weapons and armor!


  • Luthiel's Bane P (15% drop rate)
  • Luthiel's Bane E  (15% drop rate)

Nightmare Luthiel

  • Luthiel's Bane P (25% drop rate)
  • Luthiel's Bane E  (25% drop rate)
  • Winged Star Hunter (20% drop rate)
  • Winged Star Hunter CC (20% drop rate)


Legendary Arsenal Boost

If you'd prefer to spare yourself some time and anguish fighting a boss, you can stop by the Legendary shops (assuming you have the proper level) and buy variants of the boss armor!

  • Legendary Arsenal
    • Caped Star Hunter
    • Caped Star Hunter CC
  • Exquisite Legendary Arsenal
    • Star Hunter
    • Star Hunter CC

New Hairstyles 

Cosplay as hunter or prey by opening the style picker to check out hairstyles 435-443!

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