Flesh Demigod Arrives

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Flesh Demigod Arrives

Nightwraith | Friday, February 18, 2022

Flesh Demigod Gear

Today's update introduces a new promotional pack with an unprecedented amount of gear. Acatriel worked hard to help pack so much content into one promo, and we hope you'll treasure this arsenal for the countless duels ahead.

  • Auxiliary:
    • Flesh Demigod Flamethrower P (Suggested by Machaon)
    • Flesh Demigod Flamethrower E (Suggested by Machaon)
    • Flesh Demigod Cannon P
    • Flesh Demigod Cannon E
  • Sidearms:
    • Flesh Demigod Blaster P
    • Flesh Demigod Blaster E
  • Mutating:
    • Flesh Demigod Destroyer P
    • Flesh Demigod Destroyer E
  • Swords:
    • Flesh Demigod Reaper P
    • Flesh Demigod Reaper E
    • Flesh Demigod Excalibur P (Suggested by Machaon)
    • Flesh Demigod Excalibur E (Suggested by Machaon)
    • Flesh Demigod Bane P
    • Flesh Demigod Bane E
    • Flesh Demigod Broken Bane P
    • Flesh Demigod Broken Bane E
  • Armors:
    • Flesh Demigod Armor
    • Flesh Demigod Armor CC
    • Flesh Demigod Prototype
      Flesh Demigod Prototype CC
    • Flesh Demigod Obliterator
    • Flesh Demigod Obliterator CC
    • Flesh Demigod Eradicator (Click heart to animate)
    • Flesh Demigod Eradicator CC (Click heart to animate)
  • Bots:
    • Flesh Demigod Avatar P: Special: Physical beam equal to the percent of Rage you currently have. 30% lifesteal.
    • Flesh Demigod Avatar E: Special: Energy beam equal to the percent of Rage you currently have. 30% lifesteal.
  • Cores:
    • Exsanguinating Shield: Reflect 75% of projectile damage back at attacker.
    • Exsanguinating Stomp: Reduce def/res 15% and healing 25% for 3 turns. 30% lifesteal.
    • Exsanguinating Spears: Deal 85% damage, gain 30% lifesteal for 2 turns.
    • Convergent Exsanguination: Lower target's Rage gain by 85% for 5 turns.

Purchasing the package also comes with the rare Flesh Demigod's Brand Achievement!

Storefront Oversight

The 5,000 Varium bonus on the Titan Dread package was supposed to leave the storefront earlier in February and be set to the usually 10,000 Varium total, but the old graphic displaying 15,000 Varium was still up for quite some time. To remedy this discrepancy we will be awarding the additional 5,000 Varium to anyone who purchased Varium during this time between the update the change went live on February 4th and today's update.  

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