Fortune City Stimulus

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Fortune City Stimulus

Nightwraith | Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Free Varium!

By decree of Magistrate Baelius, we have been authorized to stimulate the Delta V economy with a much-need stimulus! If you logged into EpicDuel since January 1, 2020, you will have received 750 Varium after the most recent update! There's nothing else you need to do to receive it. No code to redeem. No form you fill out. You just get it in your inventory to do as you choose with it. Unfortunately, if you just learned about this now and haven't logged on in 2 years, you're out of luck for now. However, there may be additional opportunities to claim bonus Varium in the future. Those opportunities will be rare, but staying current with your accounts and EpicDuel news will make sure you're aware of such promotions.



A new balance update has arrive with a major overhaul to Cyber Hunter class.

  • Tech Mage
    • Plasma Rain: improves with Support instead of Dexterity
    • Nanotech Shield: increases defense based on damage reduction %
  • Cyber Hunter
    • Proton Cannon: reduce cool down to 2 turns from 3.
    • Pulse punch: added ability to place a random skill into cooldown
    • Memory Leak: convert 70% damage of initial strike to energy
    • Plasma Grenade: increase debuff to 35% from 25%; improve with Technology instead of Support, increase to improve with every .4 technology instead of every .32
    • Adaptive Offense: adjust damage to match Artillery Strike; Move to improve with Dexterity instead of Technology
    • NeuroToxin: increase heal reduction to 30% from 20%; increase scaling to improve with every 3.5 support instead of 3
    • Neural Scythe: improves with Support instead of Technology; improves with every .4 Support; improves by 1 Adaptive Damage per 0.3 levels above 20; weakens by 1 Adaptive Damage per 0.8 levels. By adaptive damage we mean the physical weapon damage type. This may be unclear to new players so we are thinking of a new way to phrase this.
    • Level 1: 160 Adaptive Damage
    • Level 2: 180 Adaptive Damage
    • Level 3: 200 Adaptive Damage
    • Level 4: 220 Adaptive Damage
    • Level 5: 240 Adaptive Damage
    • Level 6: 260 Adaptive Damage
    • Level 7: 280 Adaptive Damage
    • Level 8: 300 Adaptive Damage
    • Level 9: 320 Adaptive Damage
    • Level 10: 340 Adaptive Damage

Hopefully these changes will make an impact of Cyber Hunter win ratios and class population to make them more competative and effective against a variety of opposing builds.


New (Replica) Items!

Gifting winners from this year and last year have made replicas of their exotic, custom items available for players in-game. Most of these are very limited availability to act fast to secure your rare piece of EpicDuel history!

This armor honoring the Deathly Hallows faction is available at Kraggor in the Infernal Mines region.

  • Kuappo's Delta Knight Replica

Clown aka Spank Me aka Blasto has made this eccentric collection of items available at Ishmael in the West Naval Yard!

  • Clown's Replica Media P (invisibility is intentional)
  • Clown's Replica Media E (invisibility is intentional)
  • Pirate Spanks Replica P
  • Pirate Spanks Replica E

The following weapons will be stocked at Dage pending approval for release.

  • Lonny's Apocalypse Replica P
  • Lonny's Apocalypse Replica E
  • Lonny's Apocalypse CC P
  • Lonny's Apocalypse CC E


Two new seasonal badges have been added to the Achievement shop!

Olympic Games 3
Independence Day 3


Bug Fix:

Hammer Grenade: Now properly removes armor Def/Res



You may notice a small homage to a certain classic game mascot in the battle animations. Outside of battle, show off your speed and dexterity with a /spindash maneuver!


Sneak Peek

Charfade has been cooking up some spicy seafood dishes for EpicDuel!

I can't wait until they're finished cooking, and then the feast can begin!

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