Friday the 13th 2021

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Friday the 13th 2021

Nightwraith | Friday, August 13, 2021

New Friday the 13th Weapons

Snork, permanent resident of the Wasteland Minetower, is offering a new arsenal of Friday the 13 gear. Is he trying to incite for duels to appease the God of War, or simply leaning into the spirit of the season. We may never know.

  • Demonic Buster P
  • Demonic Buster E
  • Black Widow Blade P
  • Black Widow Blade E
  • Black Widow Scythe P
  • Black Widow Scythe E
  • Coffin Crusher P
  • Coffin Crusher E
  • Black Coffin Crusher P
  • Black Coffin Crusher E
  • Demonic Bone Breaker P
  • Demonic Bone Breaker E


New Achievement

Stop by the achievement shop (lower bar in the game's UI) to pick up the one and only achievement for 2021, Friday The 13th 2021! 

Implemented Core Changes:

This update will feature another huge batch of core changes. If you haven't tried some of these cores or don't currently own them, remember that since all seasonal weapons have returned most of these cores are already available in game

  • Screaming Soul Spears: Initial attack 100% damage; 3 turn duration; drains 40 HP and MP per turn; energy cost reduced from 90 to 60
  • Concussive Shot: Initial damage 110%; energy cost reduced from 110 to 80
  • Tactical Reload (sidearm): Reduced warmup to 2 turns
  • Sea King’s Venom: 100% damage
  • Sea King’s Corruption: Reduced initial damage to 85%
  • Feast of Flesh: Reduced cost from 110 HP to 90
  • Dark Omen: Increased Support debuff to 40%; cost lowered from 115 to 90
  • Mega Curse x25: Reduced cost from 125 to 110
  • Curse: Reduce cost from 100 to 70
  • Mega Stun Blast x25: Added a 25% crit chance
  • Infinity Mind Spears: Reduced cost from 120 to 85; added 20% crit chance
  • Minor Infinity Mind Spears: Reduced cost from 120 to 85; added 15% crit chance
  • Poison Barbs: Removed warmup; increased HP loss to 70 per turn
  • Meteor Shower: Buffed to 120% damage; removed warmup
  • Plasma Meteor: Buffed to 120% damage; removed warmup
  • Jack-O-Fire: Removed warmup
  • Minor Jack-O-Fire: Removed warmup
  • Thorn Assault: Removed warmup
  • Titan Chomp x25: Removed warmup; 120% damage
  • Bacon Breath x25: Removed warmup; 120% damage
  • Bacon Rain x25: Removed warmup; 120% damage
  • Infernal Surge: Buff effect increased from 25% to 35%; cooldown reduced from 6 to 5 turns
  • Draconic Frost King's Will: Buff effect increased from 30% to 40%; removed warmup; 4 turn cooldown
  • Hardened Armor: Increased damage reduction from 20% to 35%
  • Corrosive Shot: Removed 15% defense ignore on initial hit
  • Infernal Fortitude: Removed energy cost
  • Spirit Thorns: Increased effect from 50% to 85%

New Cores:

  • Equipped to Titan
    • Titan Chomp E x25
    • Bacon Rain E x25
    • Bacon Breath E x25
  • Equipped to Dage
    • Minor Crimson Offering: Sacrifice 80 Health for 250 Energy.
  • Equipped to Caden
    • Minor Mega Curse x25: Shrinks the target, reducing their base Support by 70% for 3 turns
  • Equipped to Xraal
    • Thorn Assault P
    • Minor Thorn Assault P
  • Equipped to Snork
    • Jack-O-Fire E
    • Jack-O-Fire E x25
    • Minor Jack-O-Fire E


Contest Winner Announcement

EpicDuel will announce the winners of 2021's Heroic Housing Contest tomorrow!

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