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Meet the Legendary Guild That Broke the Game!

Beleen | Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Over the weekend, AQ3D’s #1 ranked guild, hailed throughout Lore as the Gifted Gamerz, legitimately broke the game. Here’s the whole story of what went down. 

Hey there, heroes! We’re excited to kick off the week with an awesome story about the amazingly dedicated players we have in AQ3D. Imagine playing a game *so intensely* that you break it O__O But I’m not talking about smashing your keyboard in frustration… I’m talking about shattering the very fabric of the game itself! 

Join us as we celebrate the Gifted Gamerz who truly went above and beyond the programming possibilities of AQ3D to become, quite literally, the Gifted Gamebreakerz.

The Legend of Gifted Gamerz

In the ever-expanding world of Lore, legends rise and friendships are forged. Heroes are actively joining Guilds to achieve greater accomplishments alongside fellow friends and passionate players – with one such guild being the Gifted Gamerz.  

However, these dedicated players weren't content with just simply playing AQ3D; they aimed to conquer the leaderboards, break all the records, and, unbeknownst to all of us, break their game accounts, too. 

Our game devs had programmed AQ3D with ambitious numbers for the leaderboards, thinking surely they were safe from any player ever reaching them. Oh boy… were we wrong! The Gifted Gamerz, fueled by an insatiable desire to be the best in AQ3D, played so ridiculously hard and gathered Guild XP so fast that they obliterated those leaderboards, overflowing the data parameters and subsequently breaking the game.

As word of these epic achievements spread like wildfire, chaos ensued among social media… aaand the devs’ weekend plans. Panic buttons were pressed, coffee was spilled, pancakes canceled, and code was frantically typed as our team rushed to fix the issue. A temporary patch was implemented to get the Gifted Gamerz back into the game while the programmers work on a permanent fix which will be rolling out later this week. 

Crisis (and carb-cakes) averted 🥵

Honoring the Gifted Gamebreakerz

This DN post isn’t just about spilling the (coffee) beans on the epic guild that broke AQ3D; we're actually here to celebrate the Gifted Gamerz! In recognition of their incredibly insane commitment and their status as true game legends, each guildmember in Gifted Gamerz will be awarded the honorary title of "Gifted Gamebreakerz." This title solidifies their place in Artix history, and we couldn't be more thrilled to have them as part of our gaming family. 

Because this wasn’t just about breaking the game; it's about our players becoming a permanent part of AQ3D’s legacy 🥰

The exclusive "Gifted Gamebreakerz" title will roll out later this week after the release Thursday, and will only be given to the members currently in the Gifted Gamerz guild. And uh, for everyone else out there thinking that they can get a special title for breaking the game… don’t get any funny ideas :p That is unless you play AQ3D so much that it somehow breaks the game in some new way, then you’ll get a special title too, tehehe!

In the world of AQ3D, some players take their dedication to a whole new level, and the Gifted Gamerz are living proof of that. Breaking the game was just a byproduct of their passion and perseverance. So here's to the Gifted Gamerz, the first game breakerz of AQ3D! May their legend live on, and may they continue to inspire us all to aim higher, game harder, and break a billion binary boundaries along the way.

Battle on!
Beleen and the awestruck AQ3D team

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