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Game Delays and Better Communication

Beleen | Thursday, November 23, 2023

A message to all our players from the AQ3D devs about game release delays, plus warm wishes for you and your family on Thanksgiving!

Greetings heroes, and Happy Thanksgiving! Even if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving like we do in America, we sincerely hope you are enjoying the day amongst friends, family, and/or furbabies :) These are just a few things to be thankful for – but personally, we are most grateful for players like you 🥰

We want to start by saying how thankful we are for your incredible support and patience over the years. As game developers and gamers ourselves, we understand that game delays (and turkey dinner delays) are never easy to accept. Of course delays can be frustrating, and we totally empathize with your disappointment when you're eagerly waiting for our new game release and new features.

Over the past few months, we have faced no shortage of unexpected challenges: out of our control occurrences like the Unity debacle, personal issues like illness and family matters, and game coding / development delays, especially with the new features that our players have been requesting. NTM, a few national holidays (like today) and kids going back to school means our teammates are spending more time with their families and loved ones.

All of these various setbacks have unfortunately led to delays of our highly-anticipated releases and player-requested features like:

  • Nulgath finale
  • Oracle Class, currently in fine-tuning phase
  • Guild optimizations so that everyone can enjoy AQ3D better
  • Player Housing with sizeable, stackable, and scalable furnishings
  • and an in-game Mail System that’ll allow for better communication and special deliveries sent straight to your inbox.

We know that these delays have left you wondering why we've fallen behind schedule, and so we want to take a moment to explain further.

Much like the twists and turns of a Thanksgiving feast preparation, game development is a complex and unpredictable process. It's an intricate balance of creativity, technical challenges, and seemingly countless iterations to ensure that we serve up an enjoyable experience for everyone. And, just like in any Thanksgiving meal, there’s stuff that just does not work out the way you planned (see the PS at the bottom for my IRL story). 

Despite the devs best efforts and careful planning, issues always arise – some are easy to tackle, and others… well, some take months, ngl. It's all an inherent part of game development, and, while we can’t control every twist in the plot (or every “oops” in a recipe), we can control how we communicate with you about it.

We know delays can be disheartening and upsetting, akin to the turkey needing at least another hour in the oven. It’s a rollercoaster of excitement and disappointment when a release is *supposed* to be launched on a certain date, but it’s not ready on time. So in light of this, we are taking a different communication approach moving forward:

No timeline for releases.

This doesn’t mean we’ll stop keeping you in the loop – don’t worry about that! And this doesn’t mean we’re stopping with weekly updates either! Just like always, we will continue being transparent and share what we’re working on with you, keeping you informed all along the way ~ BUT ~ without mentioning any specific dates. 

I’m sure you know this, but we are doing our best to deliver an amazing gaming experience for you and all our players. These delays may be a bump in the road, but rest assured, that’s what made the adventure worthwhile! Always know that we're navigating all obstacles with your best interests in mind 🫡

It may be Thanksgiving, but we have always been thankful for your unwavering support. Thank you so much for being part of our ongoing adventures! Together, we'll ensure AQ3D and the development process is a delightful experience for all of us.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, and happy Thursday everyone!

Gobble on,
Beleen and the AQ3D team

PS: True story time! Thanksgiving 10 years ago started in the worst way possible: my kitchen faucet broke! Every store was closed that day and literally 0 handymen were working because of the holiday. So I ended up having to wash a massive 20-pound turkey… in the bathtub! Can you imagine me trying to wrestle a wet and slippery heccin’ huge half-frozen bird inside a bathtub?! It’s nowhere near as fun as it sounds, but it sure was the most memorable Thanksgiving to date 🤣   

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