Geocastellum Set + Golden Giftboxes

Hollow | Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Geocastellum Mastercraft Set:
Now that you possess the necessary artifact, it is time to take on Cragmar's Keep! Cragmar was an unusual wizard, preferring to have his home descend into the earth. You must delve into the depths of the Keep and locate the source of the escaping magic. If you can survive what lurks within the walls and seal the magic within, the amazing Geocastellum defensive set will be yours!

November Golden Giftboxes:
This month we have added two freshly updated items from Jagged Peaks. Cast the Zard Droppings Spell to summon a flock of Cloud Zards to do your dirty work. Thule's weapon is forged of a metal from an unknown land, causing this spear glows with an internal power when used in battle!

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