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Get Your Ghoulish Gear Here

Nightwraith | Friday, October 5, 2018

Ghoulish Gear!

This update EpicDuel is retiring the 2018 Stun Gun promotion and bringing a brand new promo pack with 6 devastating weapons loaded with new powerful cores! This is the first fully-load promo pack EpicDuel has released in a long time so it was tricky to get everything together in time. I hope they complement your spooky seasonal looks nicely!

Vampiric Boomstick P/E
Passive: Spreadfire: Damages all enemies. Deals 85% damage if it hits multiple targets.
Special: Blood Shot: Fire a powerful shot with a 25% chance to crit that returns 20% damage to user as HP.

Ghoul Cannon 2018 / Spectral Blaster 2018
Special: Soul Siphon: Reduce and absorb enemy energy by 25% of normal auxiliary damage.

Phantasm Droid P / E
Special: Phantasm Blast: Deal 60% base damage to Energy, increasing by 3% each round in battle (80% max).


  • Legendary Stat Buff:
    • Primary Damage: 2 → 3 per point
    • Defense: 2 → 3 per point
    • Resistance: 2 → 3 per point
  •  Cyber Hunter
    • Malfunction: Improves with ever 3.4 Support
    • Defense Matrix: Improves with every .6 Support
  • Tech Mage
    • Defense Matrix: Improves with every .6 Support


Rarity Value

Since Gifting Even Prizes are unique items, I increased the rarity value of the following items:

  • Titan's Alpha Blaster
  • Titan's Alpha Blade
  • Titan's Alpha Daggers
  • Titan's Alpha Staff
  • Titan's Alpha Maul
  • Nightwraith's Alpha Daggers
  • Nightwraith's Alpha Staff
  • Nightwraith's Alpha Maul
  • Nightwraith's Alpha Blaster
  • Nightwraith's Alpha Blade
  • Nightwraith's Founder Armor
  • Nightwraith's Gamma Bike
  • Nightwraith's Gamma Bot 



Since there's a new Omega achievement as of a few weeks ago, I've updated the rarity of the legacy achievements. This should be a nice boost for veteran players and a HUGE boost to the Elites and Founders still showing the young punks what for.

  • Legacy Achievements increased in value
  • Alpha Tester --> 7000
  • Beta Tester --> 5500
  • Elite --> 7500
  • Founder --> 7500
  • One in a Million --> 5000
  • Gamma Tester --> 4000
  • Delta Knight --> 3500



It looks like Nightmare Kartherax is casting a mighty forcefield between itself and the the calamari-craving duelists who want to test their steel against his tentacles. It's either a brilliant strategy or an act of fear. Either way, it looks like the Nightmare Kartherax boss in currently still inaccessible. This is really strange since it was working in the testing environment. Something is keeping the boss from loading, and I'll do everything I can to get it working. 

It was also my intention to release missions for this update, as they were listed as a feature for last update, but sadly, this did not happen again. I just hit too many walls and didn't have the necessary time to implement and test them. Will they be released next week? I hope so, but I'm learning to be more cautious about what I promise from week to week, as unforeseen issues can arise which make certain features impossible within the given timeframe. I promise to do better in the future for you and myself to keep the scope ambitious, yet attainable.

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